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At what time does Sean Connery like to watch the Williams sisters play?


Without a doubt, my favourite Robin Williams movie is...

...Mrs Fire.

What's the difference between a Southern wedding and a Southern tornado?

Nothing - either way someone's gonna lose a trailer

*shamelessly stolen from Robin Williams

So a Rabbi with a frog on his shoulder walks into a bar...

...and the bartender says: "That's awesome! Where'd you get one of those?"

And the frog says "Brooklyn! There's hundreds of em!"

*credit to Robin Williams for the joke

jokes about williams

You heard of what happened to Robin Williams?

You could say his jokes had him "gasping" for air.

My favorite Robin Williams joke

U2 is playing a concert in Scotland, and as a hush comes over the crowd, Bono starts clapping his hands above his head very slowly.

As he claps, he tells the crowd, "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." And a man stands up in the back of the room, and shouts "Then stop clappin' your hands!"

Thanks, Robin.

What's the difference between a tornado and a divorce in the South?

Nothing, someone's losing the trailer.
-Robin Williams

Williams joke, What's the difference between a tornado and a divorce in the South?

Probably too soon

News is Robin Williams didn't commit suicide.

Apparently, he was Ru-Fi-O'd.

Is it too soon for a Robin Williams Joke?

It's been a few weeks, so I think the waters are safe for this joke I told my cousin:

David Carradine and Robin Williams are in heaven, Carradine looks at Williams and says, "what do you mean you weren't jerking off?"

Q. What do Robin Williams and Joan Rivers want for Christmas?

A. Betty White.

A friend of mine got us two tickets to Brad Williams.

He said I've seemed really sad lately, and that I could use a pygmy up.

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My wife and I rented Black Hawk Down last night.

Or, as Brian Williams likes to call it, the Brian Williams Story.

Hilary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly and Brian Williams walk into a bar

Well not necessarily a bar per se and they didn't actually walk in and they weren't together...Ok I made it all up

Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly walk into a bar

Or do they?

What is a stone's favourite Robbie Williams song?

*Rock* DJ.

Who's a pokemons favourite talk show host?

Pokemontel Williams

Williams joke, Who's a pokemons favourite talk show host?

Guess who's been sober for 10 months?

Robin Williams.

How does Robin Williams go thrift shopping?

Good Will Hunting

What is the name of the new game show hosted by Katt Williams?

Are You Stronger Than A 7th Grader?

Here's a joke without a setup or a punchline.

That was the joke.

(Credit to: Liam Williams UK comedian)

People say to me Jesus was not Jewish

## I say ofcourse he was Jewish

+ 30 years old, Single, Living at home with his parents
+ Working in his father's business
+ His mother thought he was God's gift

## He's Jewish. Give it up

_by Robin Williams_

Happy Birthday Robin!

My friends and I are all dressing as different Robin Williams characters at a Comic Con this weekend...

We're the Suicide Squad!

I went up to Serena Williams.

I said, "Serena, what's your favourite planet?"

She said, "It's Venus."

I said, "Oh sorry, Venus, what's your favourite planet?"

If Katt Williams had a nickel for every time he's been arrested...

He'd put them in a sock and beat someone with it.

I don't understand basketball terms.

I tried going hard in the paint and ended up getting banned from the Sherwin Williams

Bruno Mars, Venus Williams and Freddie Mercury walk into a bar

But they didn't planet that way

Williams joke, Bruno Mars, Venus Williams and Freddie Mercury walk into a bar

If Bruno Mars married Venus Williams on Earth, do you think they'd have a Sun?

Only if they planet.

A Man Goes to the Doctor...

The Doctor says, "Mr. Smith - you have to stop masturbating."

The man replies, "Why, Doctor?"

The Doctor says, "Because I'm trying to examine you."

[Originally heard from Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams]

What happens when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams try to make a Destiny's Child song about herbs and spices?

Bey Leaves.

Serena Williams' nickname should be...

Tennessee Williams

Which pop star lives in the woods?

Feral Williams.

A German once asked Robin Williams why there are no funny German comedians

Did you ever think you killed all the funny people?

It's no surprise that the Williams sisters...

It's no surprise that the Williams sisters always win at tennis.

Black people have centuries of experience serving.

And appearing at the courts, for that matter.

Please use William Shatner in a sentence...

"Becky took Williams toy, so William Shatner lunch pail."

Venus Williams was pulled over by a cop for speeding.

He walks up to her car and says "do you know how fast you were going?"

She says "40 love"

What kind of spirits haunt an abandoned Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams?

Mineral spirits

I don't understand how people don't like country music? I mean have they ever heard of the greats? Like...

Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr, or Texas in July???

Im in soo much debt..

My bills are so old, you could call em williams

I'm reading 'Antigravity' by Robert W. Williams...

It's an amazing book, impossible to put down.

Robin Williams went on a German talkshow and was asked

"Mr Williams why do you think there is not so much comedy in Germany?"

"Did you ever think you tried to kill all the funny people"

[true story]

A woodpecker's a bird...

...unless you're a puppet.

~ The late great Robin Williams

I once visited a gay strip club in Soho, where the main attraction was a drag queen/ stripper they called Mrs.Doubtfire...

She was hung like Robin Williams.

I was listening to Hank Williams earlier and thought about what a sad song "Tear in my Beer" was.

A grown man doesn't cry very often, especially in his beer. I mean, I did once.. in a Blue Moon.

I'm surprised at the lack of Marcus Williams Jokes...

but knowing that 99% of the jokes on here is a miss, I'm not really that shocked.

Who killed my childhood?

Robin Williams

I sat next to an insurance salesman during Robbie Williams performance at the World Cup opening ceremony

And through it all, he offered me protection.

Robbin Williams was on a talk show in Germany

They asked him, Why do you think comedy is not big in Germany?

Did you ever think you killed all the funny people?


I called Serena Williams. I said, Serena, what's your favorite planet?

She said, It's Venus.

Me: I'm sorry Venus. Could you put Serena on the phone?

Lord Williams turns to his butler

Lord Williams turns to his butler: "Jones, please prepare my black suit and binoculars. I'm going to a funeral."

"But why do you need binoculars?" Asks Jones

"My distant relative has died." Says Lord Williams

Serena Williams was fined $17k

Verbal abuse of the umpire: $10,000

Being warned for coaching: $4,000

Breaking her racket: $3,000

Stealing the moment from Osaka by calling the umpire a thief: Priceless

Why wouldn't the ref apologize to Serena Williams?

It wasn't his fault

It was very noble of Serena Williams to fight sexism and inequality

By spoiling the fair, hard earned victory of an Asian woman

Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams got into a fight over the phone.

After a while they both hung up.

I sat next to a insurance women through a robbie williams concert

And through it all she offered me protection

Serena Williams has brought something completely new to the women's game

Male genitalia

I love dark humor...

Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Kat Williams, Chappelle

What did Robin Williams say to Good Will Hunting?

I don't work with the males 'cuz I used to be one.

A man goes to the doctor. The doctor says : Mr Smith you have to stop masturbating. The man asks : why doctor ?

Because I'm trying to examine you.

Joke is from the late, great, Robin Williams.

Freddy Mercury, Venus Williams Williams Bruno Mars all happened to walk into the same bar.

But they didn't planet that way.

Did you know Steven Spielberg and John Williams like to play basketball together?

He shoots, he scores.

Robin Williams

Without a doubt, my favorite Robin Williams movie is Mrs. Fire.

What's your favorite Robin Williams movie?

Without a doubt, mine is Mrs. Fire.

Without a doubt, Robin Williams is great.

Without a doubt, my favourite Robin Williams movie is Mrs. Fire.

Some people say Jesus wasn't Jewish

Of course he was Jewish 30 years old single

living with his parents,

working in his father's business,

his mother thought he was gods gift

Give it up oh course he was Jewish

- Robin Williams obm

Danson, Turner, Mosby, Knight, Williams, Bundy, Raimi, Cruz…

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Freddie Mercury, Venus Williams and Bruno Mars all walked into the same bar.

They didn't planet.

I have invented microscopic robots that can form the face of Robin Williams.

I call them "nanu-nanubots."

Williams College and Amherst College have a long-standing rivalry.

One night, the Amherst students decide to raid the Williams football field and spray paint an A for Amherst smack dab in the middle of the field. They sneak out under the cover of the dark, and when the Williams students wake up the next morning, they see the massive A on their field. Naturally, they decide to get Amherst back for their hijinks by leaving their own mark on the Amherst field.

The next morning, the Amherst students wake up to an average-sized B+ on their field.

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