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Top 10 Funniest Will Ferrell Jokes and Puns

It's nice to see that celebrities have taken up book writing during the pandemic

One Direction by Kanye West

Guitars by Mel Gibson

Mining by Brad Pitt

Pear Cider by Katy Perry

Ship Building by Tom Cruise

How to Move Things by Jim Carrey

Escape from Prison by Morgan Freeman

American Motors by Harrison Ford

Wild Animals by Will Ferrell

What do you call a movie about Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly get sore throats?

Strep Brothers

Will Ferrell's new movie is so bad...'s the worse Holmes to happen to movies since James Holmes.

I never imagined saying my favorite Christmas movie would star Will Ferrell...

but it looks like Elf rose over.

People sometimes ask me what it's like being 6 foot 5.

It feels like being Will Ferrell at the beginning of Elf

Today I learned that Will Smith, Will Ferrell and Will Arnett have to step on the scales whenever they take on a new role

I'm sad because my Korean friend died today......

So Young! (Saw it in will ferrel's twitter)

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