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What did Gene Wilder name his drug smuggling operation?

Charlie Up The Chocolate Factory

Gene Therapy

The act of watching Gene Wilder films to cope with the loss of Gene Wilder.

This is the place for wordplay, right?

You know what's wild, a person can die from complications from Alzheimer's.

Even Wilder, it's always in the Genes.

I wish Gene Wilder was still alive today...

He'd probably be ecstatic knowing one of his oompa loompa's grew up to be president :')

Man & wife go to the Zoo.

In front of Gorilla cage

Man says :Excite him like u do to me!

Wife removes her top,Gorilla goes crazy.

Man:Tease him more,like u tease me

wife removed her jeans and gorilla goes wilder..

man opened d cage and pushed his wife in and says: NOW EXPLAIN TO HIM THAT U HAVE A HEADACHE AND U R NOT IN THE MOOD.

Oscar may have been wilde

but Billy was wilder.

Famous Deaths happen in 3s...

Sunday it was Mr Fuji,

Yesterday it was Gene Wilder,

Today it was the Minnesota Vikings season.

I sprayed some Axe Wilder having splashed on a dash of aftershave Pryor.

People say I've got great scents of humor.

Chris Brown has been receiving support from celebrity friends:

Despite Chris's current difficulties, we wish him all the best and expect to see him soon said Gene Wilder.

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