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What do you call a legless, armless amputee wiggling around in a pile of leaves?



My dog's pace of wiggling his tail depends on how long I have been away. Longer I am away, faster he wiggles his tail.

So I am going away for a year now because I want to see him fly.


Duck waddles into a bar.

So a duck walks into a bar and says 'got any bread?'. Barman looks at this duck and says 'this is a pub not a bakery, we don't sell bread'. Duck says 'OK' and waddles out.

An hour later the duck comes back in, 'got any bread?'.

Barman is a bit annoyed 'told you earlier mate, we don't sell bread'. Duck waddles out wiggling his tail.

Next day the duck walks into the pub. 'Oi, barman, got any bread?' By now the barman is angry. 'If you ask for bread one more time i'm gonna nail your fecking beak to the fucking bar!'

Next day the duck waddles into the bar. Barman is wary. 'Yes?' he goes.

'Got any nails?' the duck asks.

'No', the barman mutters.

'Got any bread?'


What has 4 legs, 5 arms, and is wiggling its tail?

A very happy pit bull.


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