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A child asks his mother "mom, what is dark humor?"

The mother responds: do you see that man without hands? Tell him to clap. On wich the son says: but mom I'm blind. And the mom responds: Exactly.

Ive tried lockpicking once

i still dont know wich one to choose

Wich sexual position leads to ugly children?

I don't know either, ask your mother.

Wich joke, Wich sexual position leads to ugly children?

A farmer at the dinner table with his 2 daughters and his son

The farmer is sitting at the dinner table enjoying his meal. When 1 of his daughters speaks up: "Dad I have to confess something ...". "I'm lesbian". The farmer is a bit suprised but replies with: "That's ok darling". Then the second daughter also speaks up: "Euhh I'm also lesbian". To wich the farmer replies: "Does nobody in this house like boys"? To wich the son slowly raises his hand.

[Long] A redneck was walking with its dog...

A redneck was walking with his dog, when another dog starts to pick a fight with the redneck's dog, the redneck's dog with just one bite kills the other dog.

A lot of people get scared, cause there's a lot of blood and carnage, them a guy asks the redneck "What is your dog's breed?"

To wich the Redneck responds "Before we cut the tail it was a gator"

Man on his death bed

A man is on his death bed looking at his family wich contains of a wife, 2 older boys with bright red hair and freckles, and 1 younger boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

He asks his boys to go out of the room so he can ask his wife something. Sweetheart tell me before I die, is our youngest child really mine? She said yes and he took his last breath and passed away.

The newly widowed woman said under her breath Thank god he didn't ask about the other two

I am half ambidextrous

Wich make me bad with both hands

Wich joke, I am half ambidextrous

Confused black kid.

Kid: - Mom, how come you and dad are white and i am black ?

Mom: - Oh baby, we were all so wasted at the party in wich you got conceived... you should be grateful you don't bark.

Wich item asks the most questions in a hardware store?

The 60 watt bulb

Crusifixion vs drowning...

Hey did the Romans crusify Jesus and not drown him, wich was common too....



Churches would really Sully with and aquarium on top....

A guy is talking to his depressed friend. And carefully tried talking to him about if he thougth about suicide...

To wich the friend replied: "Suicide would be the last thing I would do!"

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In my friend's house, there was a painting wich was really ugly.

I discovered later that it was the mirror.

If Which Wich sold watches...

They'd call it Which Watch.

Wireless internet

Yesterday I was sitting in my room. I looked outside and I saw some men working in the street. Digging trenches, and filling them with dirt immediatly after. I'm starting to get curious what they're doing. So eventually I go outside and I ask them what they are doing. To wich the man replies: "We're laying down wireless internet."

I love telling this one verry seriously to people. It's genius.

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