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Three priests walk into a bar

and see a man whos already had a few drinks. The man walks up to them and says "you know I'm jesus christ". One of the priests replies "I don't think you are son" so the man says right, I'll prove it to you. He walks out of the bar and a few seconds later comes stumbling back in. The barman sees him and shout "jesus christ not you again"

Whos the funniest disney princess?


*sits there laughing to self* lonely..

A man walks into a crowded bar brandishing a gun...

The man yells out "WHOS BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY WIFE???"
A few moments later, a man in the back yells back "YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH BULLETS!".

Whos joke, A man walks into a crowded bar brandishing a gun...

Why did Little Sally fall off the swing?

Because she had no arms

knock knock

whos there?

not sally

Whos squidwards favorite rapper


i have a friend whos saying is love thy neighbor

he lives next door to a brothel

Why did Sally fall off the swing?

Because she has no arms.

Knock knock
Whos there?
Not Sally.

What did Sally get for Christmas?
We don't know, she hasn't opened it yet.

What did Sally get for her birthday?

Whos joke, Why did Sally fall off the swing?

control freak

me: knock knock

you: whos there?

me: control this is the part where you say "control freak who?"

Kids Argue who's dad is tallest!

Three kids showing off whos dad is tallest,

Kid 1 : my dad is as tall as empire state building.

Kid 2 : oh yeah? Well my dad is taller than the sky, even higher than the moon.

Kid 3: oh yeah? Does your dad reach and touch the planets up there?

Kid 2 : yeah of course

Kid 3: those are my dads balls.

What do you call a Latino whos car got nicked?


Knock knock

Whos there?


Fozzy who?

Fozzy last time will you let me in?

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A tree falls in the forest and kills a baby, whos fault is it?

The lumberjack

knock knock

knock knock

whos there?


ya who?

why are you excited?

knock knock

whos there?


woo who?

why are you still so excited???

You hear about the former inmate whos training to become a magician?

Hes really getting his act together...

Whos the most popular person in a hospital?

The Ultrasound guy.

Did you hear about the long tailed game bird whos boyfriend suddenly proposed to her?

She was pheasantly surprised

Whos joke, Did you hear about the long tailed game bird whos boyfriend suddenly proposed to her?

I called my wife on the way home, I said when I get there I want you to do something freaky to me. You know what she said?

"whos this?"

We should have an orgy with all the Dr. Seuss characters

Whos with me

Megans mom had four children April,May,June whos the last child?


Whos the biggest lightweight


There's a mexican and a dark skin guy, Whos driving?

The cop

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