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Son: "I got expelled"

Dad: "How?"

Son: "I wrote 2 + 2 = 41 on the whiteboard."

Dad: "That's pretty dumb but-"

Son: "Then my teacher told me to go up to the board..."

Dad: "Ok?"

Son: "And rub 1 out."


are remarkable.


Are remarkable

I've got this whiteboard for sale. You'll love it.

It's remarkable!

What's the most remarkable invention?

A whiteboard

Whiteboards are truly remarkable.

Whiteboards are remarkable.

Whiteboards are...


At school

A teacher writes on the whiteboard: HNO3 and asks a student:

\- What substance is that?

\- Hmmm... wait a moment... It's on the tip of my tongue!

\- Spit it out at once!!! That's nitric acid!

We got a new whiteboard at the office today...

It's remarkable!

A teacher finds his students have drawn penises on the whiteboard, so he rubs them all off.

He is now a registered sex offender.

Whiteboards are remarkable.

What are you doing here, get back up there and read the title xP

A son came home from school and told his dad he got expelled.

Dad: "How?"

Son: "I wrote 2+2=41 on the whiteboard.

Dad: "well, that's pretty dumb but-

Son: "Then my teacher told me to go back up to the board..."

Dad: Ok...

Son: "... and rub one out."

Office whiteboards!

What are your best office whiteboard jokes?

I have a whiteboard in my office that I share with 4 women ( I'm a man) and I need some good jokes to put up. I'd like to collect enough to last me a year, but I'll settle for a month!

Why do we use whiteboards instead of blackboards?

Because black boards matter.

Why did the blackboard sue the dry erase marker?

Because the dry erase marker would only work with the whiteboard.

Whiteboards are amazing

They are truly re-markable

Why are there whiteboards standing out in each class in school?

Because they are remarkable!

I like my whiteboards like I like my women...


I said to my students that I'd write an off-color joke on the whiteboard

Then I wrote some random words with my white board marker. Nobody laughed.

My employees are lazy and stupid...

I come in the office in the morning and what do I see? My highly compensated engineers are playing tic-tac-toe on the new whiteboard meant to be a catalyst for innovation.

I wasn't so much upset about them playing tic-tac-toe on company time using company property.

I was upset because one of them lost.

Whiteboards are pretty amazing

You can draw on them, erase your work, and then draw again!

I guess you could say they are pretty re-mark-able.

What are the funniest whiteboard jokes of all time?

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