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My urge to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is just a whim away

a whim away, a whim away, a whim away


Hillary Meets with Satan

Hillary was finishing up a day on the campaign trail when the Devil suddenly appeared in her and made her an offer...

"I am here to offer you a deal," the Devil said. "I will give you unlimited wealth, even more power, and a media that will pander to your every whim. In return, all I ask for is your soul, the souls of every member of your family, and the souls of all your constituents."

Hillary pondered for a moment and then asked, "Unlimited wealth and power?"

"Absolutely unlimited," the Devil asserted.

"A pandering media?" she asked.

"They'll fall over themselves to support you, no matter what you say or do," the Devil assured.

"And you want my soul, my family's souls, and the souls of my constituents?" she asked.

"Yes. All of them," the Devil answered.

Hillary was deep in thought for a moment, then finally spoke:

"So...what's the catch?"


On a whim, I bought a snake yesterday at the local pet store...

Last night, I attempted to feed it a freshly grilled hamburger.
Just the patty, no bread.
The thing is, he wouldn't eat it.
As it turns out,
my anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, Hun.


Hooker in Amsterdam

A man goes for a vacation with his wife to Amsterdam, he goes out alone for a drink, on a whim he decides to check the infamous red light district, while there he comes across a stunningly beautiful working girl, he goes up to her to negotiate the price, she demands 100$, he counters with 30$, she laughs at his face, so he goes on his merry way, the next day he is having breakfast with his wife at a cafe, the hooker passes him by and notices him and quietly whispers eyeing his wife, 'See this is what you get for 30$'


Why don't melons marry on a whim?

They cantaloupe.


I ain't saying she's a gold digger. . .

But you don't buy a pickaxe and mining helmet on a whim


At any given moment the urge to sing the lion sleeps tonight is just a whim away

A whim away, a whim a way, a whim away AAAAAWEEEEE^EEEEE^^EEEEEEE^^^EEEEEEE


Sometimes I just get the urge to belt out The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

After all, it's only a whim away.


Just remember - An annoying song about a Lions nocturnal habits.....

.... is never more than 'A Whim Away....'


On a whim, I decided to roll around in some poison ivy.

It was a real rash decision.


I went on a spontaneous trip to Africa

It was just a whim away.


At any given moment the urge to sing is just a whim away.

A whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away...


There is this one catchy song I just cant get rid of. It's always just...

...a whim away^^a^^whim^^away


The urge to sing the Lion King song is just a whim away..a whim away..


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