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And so you came to be.

Two whales are talking. A dad and his boy. The kid asks: Where did I come from? did you make me? - Yes I did! The father said. Wow, that's so cool! Thank You dad! - You're whalecum son.


A whale asks his dad

"Dad where do I come from"

The father whale replies, "well from my penis"

"Oh. Thanks." Responded.the junior whale

"You're whalecum"


Whale junior: Dad, where did I come from?

Papa whale: From my penis.

Whale junior: Umm thanks?

Papa whale: You're whalecum


A whale is having a conversation with its son.

Son: "Hey Dad, where did I come from?"

Dad: "From my dick, son"

Son: "Uhhh, thanks?"

Dad: "You're whalecum"


What did the sperm whale have on his front porch?

A whalecum mat.


A baby whale asks his father, "Dad, where did I come from?"

The father replies, "Well, I put my semen into your mother's vagina, and then you were born!"

"Thanks, dad."

"You're whalecum."


A son Whale asks a father Whale "Where did I come from?"

The father Whale replies "From my penis"

The son Whale says "Oh....thanks"

Father Whale says "You're Whalecum"


A whale asks his whale dad a question

"where did I come from dad?" asked the whale son

"you came from my penis" said the dad

"Thanks dad" said the son

"you're whalecum" said the whale dad


A son whale asks his father "Dad, where did I come from?"

"You come from your mother, son."

"Thanks, dad."

"You're whalecum."


A Baby Whale asks his father where he came from...

His father says, "My penis, son."

"Oh, thanks Dad"

"You're Whalecum"


One day a sailor gets on his boat named the SS Sperm whale

He notices several people looking at him wondering about the name of his boat. He decides to dispel their confusion and spreads his arms wide then says,

Hey guys! Whalecum!


How much sperm does a Blue Whale ejaculate?

Approximately 40 gallons,

You're whalecum.


What did the salmon say to the sperm whale after saving his life?

You're whalecum.


A conversation between whale dad and son

Son: Dad, where did I come from?

Dad: My penis, son.

Son: Thank you, dad.

Dad: You're whalecum, son.


How baby whales were made

Baby whale: Daddy, how was I made?
Dad: You came out of my testicles.
Baby whale: Oh, uhm... thanks?
Dad: Your whalecum


A Baby Whale asks his father "How was I Born?"

Dad:I released sperm cells into your mother.
Baby Whale: Thanks.
Dad: You're Whalecum!


How do you respond to a Sperm Whale thanking you?

You're whaleCUM! hahahahah!


Baby whale asks dad where does he come from...

Dad replies, from my penis, son

Baby whale: thanks dad

Dad: you're whalecum


A whale asks his whale father a question

Son "Hey dad, where am I from"

Dad "My balls"

Son "oh ok then"

Dad "You're whale-cum"


A kid whale is talking to his dad

The kid whale asks, "Where did I come from, Dad?"

His dad replies, "From my penis, son"

"Oh... Thanks"

"Your whalecum!"


A baby whale asks his father a question.

SON: Dad, where did I come from?

DAD: [fine, I'll tell him.] Son, you came from my penis.

SON: Thanks dad.

DAD: You're whalecum.


A Whale Calf went up to his Father and said Thank you for conceiving me and bringing me into this world

The Father Whale looks at his calf and says, You're Whalecum


[NSFW] A whale and his whale son are swimming, when his son asks

Son: Dad, where do I come from?

Dad: From my penis.

Son: Oh... Thanks. But how?

Dad: You're whalecum.


What does a male whale say to the female whale after sex?

"You have my up most whalecum!"


A baby whale asked his father how he was made

The father replied, From my penis son.

The son replies, Oh...thanks.

You're whalecum.


A baby whale goes up to his father.

Baby whale: daddy, where do I come from?

Dad whale: from my penis son .

Baby whale: oh... Um okay thanks .

Dad whale: you're whalecum


What does a sperm whale say after getting a massage? (NSFW)

You're whale-cum!


What did the whale-father say to his son when he thanked him?

You're whalecum.


What did the Whale say to his guests before he let them into his home?



Whale baby: Dad, where did I come from?

Whale father: I birthed you with my penis, son

Whale baby: Oh.. thanks?

Whale father: Your whalecum.


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