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Funniest Whale Watching Short Jokes

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  1. I asked my marine-biologist friend when is Whale Watching season? He said ," Year round if you sign up for Tinder"
  2. My little brother is upset I didn't take him whale watching this season. I told him if you really want to go Whale Watching ,sign up for Tinder. ; It's year-round there
  3. I used to love going whale watching every Saturday... At least that was until the security guard at Jenny Craig took my binoculars away.
  4. Movie Theater I was in a theater last night watching a very sad movie and all the sudden this guy behind me starts whaling and I get hit in the back of the head with a harpoon
  5. My friend went whale watching the other day... I didn't know people were paying to take pictures of my ex.
  6. I recently went to a cinema so I recently went to a cinema . I was watching a movie and a guy behind me just started whaling !
    Then I got hit in the head by a harpoon .
  7. My wife asked me if I would like to go whale watching with her... I told her, I've already started.

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Whale Watching One Liners

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  1. My son wanted to go whale watching for his birthday. So we sat outside McDonald's.
  2. What does a lifeguard and a manager of a Curves have in common? They both watch whales.
  3. Yo momma so fat when she went whale watching the people were watching her.
  4. Whale Watching with the Wife
  5. Violent killer whales really get me off I like to watch tilikum
  6. Is Japan looking for you? Cause you're on a whale watch.
  7. I've always wondered if whales people-watched.
  8. I went whale-watching with my mother-in-law I saw a whale.

Whale Watching Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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An old ugly wife is looking in the mirror...

Listing all the things wrong with her old flabby hairy body while her husband lays on the bed watching an ocean documentary on TV.
"I'm disgusting, aren't I?"
He doesn't respond.
"Hey! Answer me! I look like a whale, don't I!?"
He responds, "No! Absolutely not, you don't look anything like a whale, my dear..."
Before she could get out an "aww thanks", he says "Have you *seen* how stunningly beautiful those creatures are!?!"

whale joke

Out in the ocean there are 2 whales watching a fishing boat. When the first whale says to the second "do you wanna see something funny?" the second whales says "sure" so both whales swim under the boat and on the first whales cue they release their blow holes flipping the boat. Both whales now back a safe distance from the boat the first whale says "ahaha that was great, do you know what would be even better?" the second whale says "what?" the first whale then says "if we went and ate the Fishermen" the second whale then says "I don't mind an occasional b**..., but I don't s**... s**..."