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The moist finger

As I slipped my finger slowly inside her hole, at first encountering resistance but then plunging in, I could immediately feel it getting wetter and wetter.

I took my finger back out and within seconds, before I knew it, she was going down on me.

And I thought to myself..... "I really need a new freakin' boat."

What gets wetter the more you dry it?

A woman with a towel fetish

What gets wetter as you become dryer?

A necrophiliac.

Wetter joke, What gets wetter as you become dryer?

What happens when you put a drier sheet in the washing machine?

It becomes a wetter sheet.

(original joke. Can't find it anywhere)

What's the difference between you and your shower head?

The shower head makes your girlfriend wetter than you ever will.

It might never stop raining in England

Yet german weather will be always Wetter.

What's the worst thing about sex as a fat guy?

The fact that my armpits are wetter than the girl.

Wetter joke, What's the worst thing about sex as a fat guy?

What's the difference between a campfire and a bedroom?

When things start heating up in the bedroom, the wood gets wetter.

The little mermaid asked the prince: what so you like more-handjob, or vaginal sex? to which the prince replied:

Darling it's better

Down where it's wetter

Take it from me

Being a symphorophiliac

Being a symphorophiliac when the news is on makes me wetter than a Texan.

What does the floor of my house and a girl with a partial nudity fetish have in common?

They both feel a lot wetter when Ive got socks on.

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What wetter the last words Marvin Gaye heard?

Son, this is the last .45 you're gonna hear!

Sequel to Joel Osteen's book "Become A Better You" is in the works...

I've heard it's titled "Become A Wetter You".

A sinking feeling

I put my finger inside and feel as it gets wetter and wetter. When I take it out, she immediately starts to go down on me. I then think to myself, "I really need to get a new boat."

Women are like sand.

The deeper you go, the wetter they get.

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