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Western tourist in North Korea

So a western journalist goes on a tour of North Korea. He flies in to Pyongyang, an officially government licensed tour guide shows him around. He sees all the wonderful stores and streets that the city has to offer, and then finally he comes to the magnificent 30-story tall Kim Jong Un monument.
"Wow this is very beautiful, you must be very proud of it!" he said

his tour guide nodded— "yes, we must be very proud."

Easter used to be called Wester

But they decided to take things in a new direction.

What's the opposite of Easter?


All western rock classics are banned in North Korea.

Except Sweet Child in a Mine

Why is Westeros like a Netflix original?

There's only two seasons and there are years between them.

Old western stranger

An old man sitting at the edge of an old western town sees a silhouette approaching from the dusty horizon. Its not long before he realizes that it is a 3 legged dog limping toward him. The old man shouts a warning to the dog "we dont take kindly to strangers around here". The 3 legged dog limps like john wayne while slowly raising his gaze up to look straight into the old mans eyes with a piercing stare and says" Im lookin for the man who shot my paw"

Western Capitalism

They dabbled in capitalism so much that they even capitalised their own God.

What does nobody in Westeros want to be given as a gift?

A Wight elephant.

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