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Werewolves are notoriously hard to find...

Otherwise they'd be known as Therewolves.

Why did the two werewolves become friends?

Because they took a lycan to each other.

Where do werewolves live?

In a warehouse.

I'll get my coat...

Werewolves joke, Where do werewolves live?

Yo Mamma is So Fat.....

when she moons people, they turn into werewolves.....

Why do Werewolves howl at the full moon?

It's right after a waxing phase.

What do Christian werewolves say?


We went out on a date

Me: I slay werewolves for a living.

Date: Haha, always joking around. Anyway, I read that tweet you sent to me, it was so funny, I howled!

Me: *Unsheathing silver cutlass* You What??

Werewolves joke, We went out on a date

I was trying to find out where my local pelt-merchant was hosting a Lupine Designs fashion gala for his fellow lycanthropes this year

So I asked Where is the werewolf's wolf-wares warehouse where werewolves wear wolves' wares?

Lots of people talk about werewolves...

But noone ever asks whenwolves

How do werewolves attract mates?

They *awoooo* them

Where do werewolves live?

In werehouses.

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Why do werewolves only transform at full moon?

Because it is just a phase after all.

What do french werewolves say when they say good bye?

*Aroooo! revoir*

Why don't they have werewolves in Asia?

They get eaten.

How do werewolves mark their territory?


What do women and werewolves have in common? (Offensive)

They both go berserk once every month.

Werewolves joke, What do women and werewolves have in common? (Offensive)

What's the favourite phrase of a Youtuber who likes werewolves?

Lycan subscribe!

An astronomy joke, kind of...

Why do werewolves howl at the full moon?

Because it's just after the waxing phase!

werewolf thought.

I bet werewolves are so angry because they can't find the SILVER lining in things.

Why are Werewolves such pessimists?

They refuse to look at the silver lining.

What is werewolves favorite drink?


Why can't werewolves tell time

Because they're not when wolves

Where do werewolves store their manufactured goods?

in a *were*house.

Why are werewolves always late?

Because it takes them Lycan hour to get ready

A guy walks up to the pretty girl working at the comic book store and say" Hey baby are you into werewolves..."

"Cause I'm lycan the way you look"

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