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The history of the condom.

In 1272, a Welsh inventor created the first condom using a sheeps lower intestine.

In 1873 the English somewhat refined the idea by taking it out of the sheep first.

~ Obligatory edit. No, it took them 601 years to get the welsh out of the sheep to make the condoms.

a welsh man was asked if he would have sex with a sheep for 1000$

the welsh man said "sure but under three conditions."

first, the sheep shouldn't have any diseases obviously

secondly, I don't want anyone i know to hear about this

and finally, give me a week to gather the 1000 dollars for you

What's the Welsh word for shearing a sheep?


Did you know the first condoms were invented by the Welsh out of sheep's intestines?

The English improved on the invention by taking the intestines out of the sheep before using them.

The Welsh invented the condom using sheep's guts

But the English improved upon the idea by taking them out of the sheep

Short joke I thought of.

What's the difference between sheep and women?

The Welsh don't know yet either.

The Welsh were the first people to use a sheep's intestine as a condom.

The English improved the design by removing the rest of the sheep prior to use.

Did you know that the very first condoms were invented by the Welsh, using sheep intestines?

But it wasn't until the 19th century that the English perfected it by removing it from the sheep first

My Welsh grandfather passed away yesterday

He died peacefully in his sheep.

TIL that the Welsh first made condoms out of sheep intestines

The English then improved the idea by taking it out of the animal first

The Welsh invented the condom by using sheep's intestine

The English perfected the condom by removing the intestine from the sheep

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We were driving through the Welsh countryside when my little girl said…

"Look at that strange animal daddy, man at the back, sheep at the front."

What do the Welsh call safe sex?

Spray painting the sheep that bite.

I read that the Welsh invented the condom in the Middle Ages by using a piece of sheep's intestine.

The English later improved the design by taking it out of the sheep first.

The Welsh were among the first to use sheep intestines as condoms....

The English perfected them by removing them from the sheep before using.

How do Welsh farmers find their sheep in the long grass?


Why do Welsh people keep their sheep facing the cliff?

So they push back.

The Welsh have been using sheep intestine as a contraceptive for hundreds of years.

It is only recently that they have decided to take the intestine out of the sheep.

Why are Welsh farmers no good at producing animals?

They only rear sheep

The Welsh had been using condoms made out of sheep intestines for centuries

The English later improved on the technique by first removing the intestines from the sheep.

Why do Welsh farmers ....

Why do Welsh farmers tend to have sex with sheep on the edge of a cliff?

So the sheep will push back

How does a Welsh man pleasure himself at the cliff edge with a pair of large Wellington boots?

He puts the back legs of a sheep into his boots and walks towards the edge.

The wealthy loves the sexy ship

While the Welsh loves the sexy sheep

Released after 5 years for sheep rustling

Welsh tongue twister champion from
LlanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogOGOgoch ...........................................................said "It was a tuff sentence"

Who came first, the sheep or the cow?

Depends on who the Welsh farmer fancies the most.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Only the Welsh ones.

A welsh farmer has 895 sheep.

That is a lot of wives.

It is said that the Welsh were the first to use condoms, by making them out of sheep intestines.

But the English perfected this technique by removing them from the sheep first.

Where do Welsh sheep farmers take their fleece to send overseas?

OooOooo woolwarves of London

What did the Welsh farmer say to the sheep?

Your butt's about to get slaughtered

Why don't Welsh men count sheep to fall asleep?

Because then they would have to change the sheets.

do androids dream of electric sheep?

Not unless they're Welsh

The Welsh came up with the idea for sheep intestine condoms.

The English decided to remove the rest of the sheep first.

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