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Kids are sick so the wife is worried about their weakened immune system making it easier to catch COVID…

So I asked her what about their weekday immune system?

The only difference between a weekday and a weekend ...

is which boss is telling me to do things.

Cold war joke.

There's a sale on p**... at the New York Macy's store
An American woman goes to the checkout with 7 p**....
Cashier:" Only 7? They're on sale this week.
The woman replies,"No Thanks,7 is all. One for every day of the week."
Next in line is a woman from France with 5 p**....
Cashier:"Only 5? They're on sale.
"Thank You,but no. I have one for each weekday and on weekends I'm a free spirit(wink wink)
Next in line a great big burly Russian woman with 12.
Cashier: Well 12,that's a nice even amount.
Russian. "Yes 12.....Jan,February,March,April........

Why is Sunday stronger than Tuesday?

Because Tuesday is a weekday.

We should stop calling it Black Friday and start calling it a weekday of colour

I share a commute with three friends.

Every weekday for the last 15 years I've driven into the city, taking the road that goes under the river.

Now the doctor says I have Carpool Tunnel Syndrome.

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