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A developer tried to pull weeds out of his garden...

...but he didn't have root access.

I have some weeds in my potato garden

That's OK, I was going to make baked potatoes anyway.

What has happened when the weeds take over your lawn?

A coup de grass.

Weeds joke, What has happened when the weeds take over your lawn?

One of the truly awful classes in school is botany

It really weeds out the people who should be there and who shouldn't be

What do you get when weeds start growing in a vegetable garden?

Baked potatoes.

Was out on the trusty steed this evening, riding through the woods...

Suddenly we came to a stop and he began to nibble on some weeds. I decided not to protest until I realized he was eating what appeared to be a pot plant. He began to wobble a little and I couldn't help but think, I probably need to get off my high horse.

Give weeds an inch…

And they'll take a yard.

Weeds joke, Give weeds an inch…

Who decides which weeds to kill in the garden?


Mystikal and Ludacris are discussing gardening...

Mystikal: "Say how do you dig all those weeds out of your vegetable patch?"

Ludacris: "Use a ho"

So bored, could even smoke the sea weeds . . . .

I can't understand why these weeds in yard keep coming back

I really need to get to the bottom of this.

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I can't think of a name for the moisture on weeds in the morning

But I guess thistle dew for now

Why should you never hire a stoner bartender?

Because he's always in the weeds.

What is your best weed/stoner related joke?

I've never heard any good ones so please give me your best!

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