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Don't worry too much about Net Neutrality!

Spending extra dollars to use some websites will give you a "sense of pride and accomplishment"!

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Why do Irish websites load slower than the others?


Because their domain name is .ie

Websites joke, Why do Irish websites load slower than the others?

What do Russians use to censor websites?

The Inter-nyet.

Happy 47th birthday, teens logging into adults-only websites!

And the same to anyone else whose birthday actually *is* January 1st, 1969.

I like to make my websites with Ajax

Because that way my designs always come out very clean.

My little brother wished for bigger family gatherings

So I listed my single uncles on dating websites. "You want aunts? That's how you get aunts."

Websites joke, My little brother wished for bigger family gatherings

Cleveland sports teams don't have websites...

Because they can't string three W's together.

I've been using the STAYFOCUSED extension which I find helpful.

Because I use it to block out work related websites so I can focus on my procrastination.

Why do English teachers loathe Commercially run websites?

Because 'commercially' is an adverb.

What do you call a doctor for websites?

A URLologist

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On dating websites I always say I look like 'Sherlock Holmes' which is an obvious lie.

I give up searching for stuff after a couple minutes.

I can predict the websites that you will browse today...

...because i have ISP.

Everyone remember: forward slashes are for websites, back slashes...

are for punishment.

I noticed in Canada websites end in .ca, in the U.S. with .com.

I'm willing to wager that in Russia it ends with -cam.

Game of Thrones is really getting out of hand...

Even websites are dying in the new season.

Websites joke, Game of Thrones is really getting out of hand...

Where do all the recycled websites go?

Dot Compost

If you login to Amazon

and other retailers websites for Thanksgiving sale, you may save up to 70%........

But if you don't login, you'll save 100%

Similes are like community websites, I would never use one.

Net Neutrality is not that big of deal...

Wouldn't you appreciate the sense of pride and accomplishment that paying for websites gives you?

I hate online dating websites.

The men never look like the woman in the picture.

Being single means you're a true DIY-er.

They even have websites and videos to help!

The three main criteria for dating websites are as follows


But I think this needs to change badly, as I personally don't condone under-age sex

Why did the kid avoid using the Internet

Because the websites wanted his cookies 😅

I don't know if this is taken but, What do you call a virus that you get from pornographic websites?


Many websites are already changing their look for Christmas

I guess it's a case of premature e-decoration.

I have a delivery van set as my profile picture on dating websites.

I just want the ladies to know what they're getting into.

All these websites asking me to accept these cookies...

But I still haven't gotten even one of them!

Grandmothers are like websites

They keep asking you to accept their cookies.

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