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I accidentally typed my symptoms into IMDB instead of WebMD

and found out I have Gary Busey

Let's be thankful WebMD never got into Astrology...

Otherwise everybody would just be a Cancer

WebMD has integrated Google's Deepmind.

On startup it performed a self diagnostic test.

Turns out, it's cancer.

Webmd joke, WebMD has integrated Google's Deepmind.

WebMD just released the entire catalog of human diseases...

* cancer
* flu

How is looking up your symptoms on WebMD like your July Horoscope?

It's probably cancer.

His palms are sweaty...

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on his sweater already.


Where do spiders seek health advice


Webmd joke, Where do spiders seek health advice

I was trying to self diagnose my skin condition by using WebMD...

...then I thought, without professional advice its best not to make any rash decisions.

My pet spider got sick today

I checked his symptoms on WebMD

What does WebMD have in common with the rest of the internet?

They think everything is cancer.

For the past week my friend's been telling me he has cancer

Maybe I helped him by signing him up for WebMD emails

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A guy calls the doctor after reading WebMD all night...

He says, "Doc, I think I might be a hypochondriac."

I'll have to check WebMD

Minister: In sickness and in health
Groom: In sickness and in health ... wait, does obesity count as a sickness

It is important to keep the internet free and open

So everyone has equal opportunity to misdiagnose themselves on WebMD

So apparently Alphabet is taking over WebMD...

...they're calling it Google Docs.

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