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Funniest Wearing Camo Short Jokes

Short wearing camo jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The wearing camo humour may include short camouflage jokes also.

  1. I saw a guy in a wheelchair wearing a camo outfit I thought, man you can hide but you can't run.
  2. Ever since i started wearing camo all the time... My girlfriend said she can't see me anymore.
  3. A male pornstar started wearing camo in every scene he filmed. No one ever saw him coming.
  4. This kid asked me where my shirt was because I was wearing camo I told him it was on his moms bed

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Wearing Camo One Liners

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  1. I hate camo clothing I just can't see myself wearing it . . .
  2. I got a camo jacket for Christmas… I just can't see myself wearing it.
  3. What do you see when a woman in the Army wears her pants too tight? Camo toe.
  4. I don't mind camo print clothing... I just can't see myself wearing it.
  5. What's it called when you wear army green socks? Camo-Toe!
  6. What do you call a fat guy wearing camo? Acreage
  7. I don't trust people who wear lots of camo... What are they hiding from?

Wearing Camo Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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My 6yo burned me....

I came home from hunting the other day to my family eating breakfast. As I came up to the table my daughter looks at me,
Hadley: Daddy I know where you've been.....
Me: You do? Did your momma tell you?
Hadley: Nope, but I can tell you've been hunting cause your wearing all camo
Me: Yep, you sure are smart. But it wasn't that great today I only shot two ducks......
Hadley: Well maybe if you didn't dress like a hunter you could get more animals (then rolls her eyes)......
......I've been doing it wrong for years

The poetry contest

There was a prestigious, international poetry contest held in a glamorous foreign city. Contestants had come from all over the world and by the end there was one man whom everyone thought was going to win and a camo-wearing, baccer-chewing r**... that everyone wondered what was doing there. In the final round of the competition, the contestants were given a word and had to come up with a poem in thirty seconds. During the very last round, the contestants stood at the podium and were given the word; Timbuktu.
The shoo-in went first. He thought for thirty seconds, then stepped up to the microphone and said:
"Across the desert, wind and sand,
Trekked the lonely caravan.
Men and camels, two by two,
Destination; Timbuktu."
The audience erupted with applause. When it died down, the r**... grinned and stepped to the microphone and without missing a beat he recited:
"Tim and me a-huntin' went.
Found three w**... in a popped-up tent.
Them was three and us was two,
So I bucked one and Tim bucked two."