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I'm writing a book about WD-40.

It's Non-Friction

My wd-40 can rusted.

It was irony.

Can anyone show me how to use WD-40?

I'm a bit rusty.

Wd40 joke, Can anyone show me how to use WD-40?

I read somewhere that WD40 is great from keeping mice out of your garden.

I tried it... It doesn't work!!

However they have stopped squeaking.

My uncle always believed that "Between duct tape and WD-40 you can fix just about anything."

I still can't believe it took seven years before he lost his medical license.

Wheelchair athletes have just been banned from the Paralympics

They tested positive for WD40

What's a Paralympian's biggest fear?

Testing positive for WD-40.

Wd40 joke, What's a Paralympian's biggest fear?

Im writing a book about WD-40

Its non-friction

What's a paralympian's worst nightmare?

Testing positive for WD-40

I watched a UB40 tribute band called WD40.

They were a bit rusty at first, but got better as the evening went on.

Banned From the Para-Olympics

Seven wheelchair athletes have been banned from the Para-Olympics after they tested positive for WD40.

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Three wheelchair users in the Paralympics have tested positive for WD40

I just read on the news that 10 Paralympics athletes have failed a drugs test

They all tested positive for WD40

A woman gives birth to triplets

She and her husband are trying to figure out why so many.

"It was probably that time we ran out of lubricant and we used 3-in-one oil instead." says the wife. "Good thing we didn't use WD-40."

My buddy said I shouldn't get mad because my can of WD-40 has a defective nozzle…

...but I told him, This stuff is indispensable!

I've just heard that the Russian Paraolympic team has been banmed from the upcoming games

They tested positive for WD40

Wd40 joke, I've just heard that the Russian Paraolympic team has been banmed from the upcoming games

Apparently "I'm buying this lube for the back door"

is not OK to say to the cashier when buying WD-40 to treat some rusty hinges.

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