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I asked my friend what the letter W represents

"That's Watt," she said.

Just a Science Question for y'all.

Watt is the unit for power?

What did the light say when the light switch nudged him?


Watt joke, What did the light say when the light switch nudged him?

Does anyone know watt is the unit for power?

Today I found out how electricity was measured...

I was like watt???

Love is energy over time

Because Watt is love?

My friend explained to me how the work of electricity was measured...

I just sat there like watt...

Watt joke, My friend explained to me how the work of electricity was measured...

What did Lil' Jon do when Home Depot employee tried to sell him a lightbulb?

Turned down 4 watt

A Unit of Power Walks Into A Bar


An Australian travels to Houston for business, and sees who he suspects to be a famous football player. So he decides to ask him....

You Watt, mate?

Reading it one time might be not enough.

-"Hello, are you there?"
-"Yes, who are you please?"
-"I'm Watt"
-"What's your name?"
-"Watt's my name."
-"Yes, what's your name?"
-"My name is John Watt"
-"John what?"
-"Yes. Are you Jones?"
-"No, I'm Knott"
-"Will you tell me your name then?"
-"Will Knot"
-"Why not?"
-"My name is Knott"
-"Knot what?"
-"Not Watt, Knott."

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You're a measurement of energy Harry


What does an electrician say when he's confused?


Yerr a unit of power Harry!

Im a watt?

What's the ultimate unit of power?

A Hugh Mungus watt.

My friend told me how electricity is measured and I was like


Watt joke, My friend told me how electricity is measured and I was like

Hagrid: Your a measure of power, Harry.

Harry: I'm a watt?

Did you hear how the deaf electrician asked his friend to repeat what he said?


Today I met this electrician...

Sadly I can't remember Watt his name was.

What did the deaf light bulb say?


They changed the power of my favourite light bulbs

And they're just not watt they used to be

I just got electrocuted.

It hertz so bad, Watt do I do?

My new 1000 watt sound system is great!

I can control the volume of my neighbors banging on my door.

Why does Hitler like to use the watt?

Because he measures in joules per second.

What did the blonde say after the lesson on electricity?


My electricity bill was running suspiciously high

Had the power company send someone over. He found a wire tapped into my house running to a neighbor's. Watt do you know, a Joule thief lives next to my Ohm.

What did the lightbulb say to the other lightbulb?

Watt up

"You're a unit of electrical energy, Harry."

"I'm a watt?"

Have you guys heard about JJ Watt?

He's all washed up.

What does an electrician say when you talk gibberish?

Watt are you talking about?

I want to date a Chinese girl, an English girl, a Vietnamese girl, an Irish girl, and another Chinese girl.

So I can tell people I dated Hu, Watt, Nguyen, Weir, and Wai.

Watt is love?

Baby, don't hertz me.

Don't hertz me.

No mho.

Can someone help me?

Watt is the unit of power?

Wich item asks the most questions in a hardware store?

The 60 watt bulb

Two physicists are walking down a hallway

One says, "kilogrammetersquaredpersecondcubed"

The second responds, "Watt?"

You're a unit of power, Harry.

Harry: I'm a watt?

Samuel L. Jackson is obsessed with the SI unit of power.

He keeps telling me to say watt again.

What do you say when you break up with an electrician?

Watt is love?

Baby don't hertz me.

Don't hertz me.



An electrician walks into a bar

Bartender says Watt are you drinking today?


Currently, it's better to be direct than to alternate between weak lines or else she might get confused and ask watt you doing.

I just electrocuted myself

How do you current-ly feel?

I'm kind of shocked

Watt, I didn't hear you

I said it hertz a lot

What did the electrical engineer say to the other electrical engineer?

I don't know, watt?

What is power?

Sorry, meant to write "Watt is power".

"Yer the SI unit of power, 'arry"...

"I'm a Watt."

Where would you check a cold Scottish inventor's drivers license?

Icy Watt you'd ID there

Why do so many tyrants try to seize power?

Because when they heard: "Watt is the meaning of life", they didn't think it was a question.

A man once advised me to not waste electricity. "Using more power results in more electricity bills"

I told myself,

***Watt good advice***

What do Wattpad and Minute Maid have in common?

Both make lemons, but neither does it well.

A man walks into a hardware store and speaks to the cashier...

Got any 2 watt bulbs?

For what?

That'll do I'll take two.

Two what?

I thought you didn't have any.

Any what?

Ok then!

A guy goes to the store to get a lightbulb

He goes to the cashier and asks:

Him: Do you have any two watt bulbs?

Cashier: For what?

Him: That'd do, I'll take two.

Cashier: Two what?

Him: I thought you didn't have any.

Cashier: Any what?

Him: Yes please.

A man walks into a hardware store and speaks to the cashier...

"Have you any two watt bulbs?"
"For what?"
"That'll do, I'll take two."
"Two what?"
"I thought you didn't have any."
"Any what?"
"Yes please!"

Student doing test: The unit of power equivalent to 1 joule per second is called the [....]

Friend leans over: Watt is the answer

Student: I don't know, I've been trying to figure it out

I was going to make a joke about electricity

but then I was like watt no that's terrible

REM got it wrong, Kenneth

Hertz is the frequency. Watt is power.

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