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Top 10 of the Funniest Watergate Jokes and Puns

You know what Nixon did wrong?

He only broke into the watergate hotel once. He should have done it everyday. Then it would have been normal. Yes, you got it, jokes on you.

BREAKING NEWS: Comey caught promoting possible Trump hotel merger

After being fired Comey stated, "You won't be calling it The Watergate for much longer"

I'm sick and tired of scandals always being named -gate

The only thing about it that consoles me is there's a parallel universe where Watergate Hotel was instead named after John Hancock.

Let it be known that the movie Deepthroat... NOT about Watergate or Richard Nixon.

I once met this prostitute that went by the nickname "Watergate"

I had no clue why until she began to deep throat me in a parking garage

Did you hear about the allegations that Kavanaugh threw ice on someone?

They're calling it Frozen Watergate

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