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What are some Waswas jokes?

What will the ISIS be called when we eventually destroy them?


What would you call ISIS after they've been eliminated?


If ISIS is destroyed...

... Will they be known as WASWAS?

If isis gets bombed

They'll be called waswas

Hey when ISIS is gone do we call them.....

WASWAS then?

What is ISIS after an airstrike?


I can't wait for ISIS...

...to become WASWAS

Due to recent developments, ISIS changed its name to......


What do you call a former member of ISIS?

What do you call a former member of ISIS?


What will ISIS be called when they are defeated?


What will ISIS be when they're gone


ISIS is slowly becoming


Did you hear the capital of ISIS was taken?

It's now WASWAS

We need to stop ISIS.

Then we can call them WASWAS.

ISIS has been finally driven away from Raqqa!

Guess they gotta change their name to WASWAS now...

What did Muhammad Ali tell ISIS?

IsIs? Pretty soon y'all gonna be WasWas !

You know some people don't call it isis

I've heard them called is-is too and when they get taken out they'll be known as was-was.

If we help Kurdistan attack ISIS...

they could become WASWAS

If my dad was president of this country...

There would be no Isis. It would be Waswas.

Dad walked in to the kitchen and dropped this on me.

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