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The other day I visited the thrift shop and picked up an old record album called 'Sound of Wasps'.

When I got home and played it I realised it didn't sound anything like wasps!

Turns out I'd been playing the Bee side.

A man walked into a hardware store and picked up a can of fly spray

"Is this good for wasps?" he asked the assistant.

"No, it kills them."

A man walked into a hardware store and picked up a can of fly spray.

"Is this good for wasps?" he asks the assistant.

To which she replies "No, it kills them."

Wasps joke, A man walked into a hardware store and picked up a can of fly spray.

God's plan to use wasps to pollinate didn't work out.

So he had to resort to Plan Bee.

I got a vinyl album of wasp sounds the other day. Played it, didn't sound anything like wasps!

Turns out I was playing the bee side

I woke up one night to someone knocking on my front door.

I felt uneasy, but I went and answered it anyway. When I opened the door, I looked around, and then spotted a shellfish on my welcome mat.

"Let me in", it cried, "I'm being chased by a bunch of wasps."

That was when I realized why I felt so uneasy.

This was the clam before the swarm.

I had a big wasps nest under the eve of my roof so I went to the hardware store to find some wasp spray. I found a can and asked a worker if this was good for wasps?

He says No, it kills them.

Wasps joke, I had a big wasps nest under the eve of my roof so I went to the hardware store to find some wasp sp

A guy has a wasps nest in his garage

He goes to the hardware store and finds a can of spray that says it's for hornets, so he finds an employee just to check if it'll work on wasps.

"Excuse me, is this spray good for wasps?"

"No sir, it kills them."

What do Wasps wear in the winter?

Yellow Jackets.

A man walks into a tiny hardware store

looking for something to rid of a wasp problem. After 10 mins of walking around the store all he can find is ant spray. So he goes up to the counter and asks the clerk, Is this any good for wasps? Without a word, the clerk takes the can from his hands, reads the back for ingredients. No. he replied, That'll kill them.

I went into the pet shop and I said "I want to buy a wasp"

The shopkeeper said "We don't sell wasps" and I said "But you've got one in the window".


So instead I bought a dozen bees. As I was paying for them I said "Here, I bought twelve bees but there's 13 in this jar" and he said "Yes, one of them's a freebee".

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A man wanted to buy a good insecticide

"Is this good for wasps ?" a man asked the retailer.

"No, it kills them" the retailer replayed.

We are making our own xmas crackers for the family gathering this year. Got any good jokes we can put in them?

Jokes as in "why did the chicken cross the road" not as in "live wasps".

Why do wasps never leave tips?

Because they're stingy.

Say what you want about wasps.

But at least they wear high visibility jackets to prevent accidents.

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?

June bugs.

What do June bugs bring? Small grub-eating mammals, wasps, and endoparasitoid pyrgotidae flies.

Wasps joke, April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?

A fella walks into a pet shop...

A fella walks into a pet shop and says: Give me a wasp. The shopkeeper replies: We don't sell wasps. He says: There's one in the window.

Stay away from Wasps

They're nesty.

A man walks into a shop and says, "I'd like to buy a wasp".

The shopkeeper says, "We don't sell wasps".

To which the man replies,"Oh, you've got one in the window".

Man walks into a bakery

Says to the baker "I'd like to buy a wasp please."

The baker says "Sir, we don't sell wasps."

The man replies "Well there's one in your shop window!"

God created scorpions and he said...

"I'm going combine spiders plus lobsters plus wasps plus nightmares! Good luck!"

When you try to kill your friend by putting angry wasps in his snack pack...

Bee trail mix.

Had a swarm of wasps trying to sting me today but I was able to outrun them

Luckily for me, they only have little legs

Saw Ant Man and The Wasp

No Ant Man but two WASPs

Beekeepers were brought in to the white house in D.C. because of a honeybee nest. Too bad they couldn't do anything about those old wasps.

so i walked in the pet shop and said i want to buy a wasp he said we don't sell wasps i said well theres 1 in your window

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