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  1. Why does the admiral of the navy put a destroyer everywhere his girlfriend hikes? He warships the ground she walks on.
  2. The Russian Navy has announced that it's commissioning glass-bottom warships they can keep an eye on the Russian air force.
  3. TIL that the U.S. almost declared war against Russia by thinking that an allied underwater warship on their radar belonged to Russia... Oops...wrong sub
  4. Why does the Swedish military put barcodes on the bottom of their warships? So they can Scandinavian.
  5. TIL that a Russian submarine was accidentally destroyed by a Russian warship that mistook it for an enemy submarine. Oops, wrong sub!
  6. Some American pirates commandeered a Russian warship and renamed it. Now it's called the USS Arrrr.
  7. Why wouldn't you ever see a pachyderm on a civil warship? Because an elephant never frigates.
  8. TIL That there was a German warship during WW2 that accidentally sunk 34 friendly submarines.
  9. While having an all-out war with underwater warships, I accidentally hit one of my teammates. Oops wrong sub.
  10. TIL the USS Colorado made nearly 12,000 career dives during WWII- significantly more than most modern submarines- and sunk the last Japanese warship of the war! Sorry, wrong sub :(

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Warship One Liners

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  1. Why do swedish warships have barcodes on them? So when they dock they can Scandinavian.
  2. Did you hear about the Navy hangar that doubles as a church? It's a house of warship
  3. My friend is obsessed with Navy destroyers He warships them
  4. Why do French warships have glass bottoms? So that they can see the rest of their fleet.
  5. What did the fishing boat say to the man'owar? I warship you
  6. I have an unhealthy addiction to WW2 Naval vessels I warship them
  7. What do you call a warship that hosts greek weddings? A dishtroyer.
  8. My friend is obsessed with aircraft carriers He warships them
  9. Why do Swedish warships have barcodes? So you can Scan the navy in.
  10. How do you pray the god of war in a naval battle? You warship it
  11. What do you call a navy church A place of warship
  12. What do pirates and God have in common? They get warshipped.
  13. Did you hear about the Vatican's new navy? It's the latest in Christian warship.
  14. Why did the French navy stop taking felines on their main warship? Because the last 4, 5.
  15. Why do Egyptian warships have glass floors? So they can see their air force

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  • Did you know... An AGM guided missile has an e**... big enough to wreck several decks on a warship?
    Anyways, I got dishonorably discharged from the navy
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A Navy ship hailed a civilian at sea...

**Navy**: We ask that you divert your course 15 degrees north, to avoid collision.
**Civilian**: Negative. Recommend that *you* divert 15 degrees north, to avoid collision.
**Navy**: This is the Captain of a U.S. Navy ship. I say again, divert your course.
**Civilian**: Negative. I say again, recommend you change course.
**Navy**: This is the aircraft carrier *Enterprise*! We are a large warship of the U.S. Navy! Divert your course *immediately*!
**Civilian**: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

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