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In the 2001 film "The Planet of the Apes" David Warner plays a primate named Senator Sandar

which means the whole planet is probably a Banana Republic

If a tree falls in the woods

It won't make a sound because it has been copyright claimed by Warner Music Group.

Warner Brothers cracks down on paparazzi problems on "Justice League" set...

...apparently they're not allowing any unauthorized flash photography.

Warner joke, Warner Brothers cracks down on paparazzi problems on "Justice League" set...

Little Jack Warner

Little Jack Warner

Sat in the corner

A finger in every pie.

He stuck in his thumb

And pulled out a bung

And said "Lets all go to Dubai!"

Not all the animaniacs live in the water tower, just the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, Dot.

Just for fun they run around the Warner movie lot. They lock them in the tower, whenever they get caught. But they break loose, and then vamoose, and now you know the plot.

United Airlines is being sued for copyright infringement.

Killing the Wabbit is a registered trademark of Warner Bros, Inc.

Me: why'd we switch from Verizon to Time Warner?

Mom: Idk. You know your dad, he's charges cable companies like he changes underwear.

Me: so... every few years?

Warner joke, Me: why'd we switch from Verizon to Time Warner?

What do Warner Bros. do with their discontinued animated characters?

They put them in the looney bin

Why did Time Warner switch it's name to Spectrum?

They were tired of being called retards.

AT&T buying Time Warner has so much unforeseen consequences...

But at least we know DC films will continue to be phoned in.

What have Britain and Warner Brothers/DC got in common?

Neither of them know how to handle an EU.

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