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M R Ducks

Person 1: M R Ducks.
Person 2: M R Not.
Person 1: O S A R. C M Wangs?
Person 2: L I B. M R Ducks!

My grandmother told me this when I was 5ish. Don't know why it cracks me up.


I recently went to a gym in Chinatown. When I walked into the mens' changing room...

...there were Wangs everywhere!


Two rednecks are duck hunting

1: M R Ducks
2: A R Not
1: O S A R, C M E T B T Wangs?
2: L I B, M R Ducks!


I want to China town today

I saw a lot of wangs.


What did the laxative say to the placebo?

I shit you not.

Thought of this eating chicken wangs.


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