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My neighbor visited my house the other day

He said: Isn't your house the same as mine? How many rolls of wallpaper did you buy for your living room when you moved in?

12 I said.

A few days later he came back, pretty pissed. "I just finished, and I have 7 rolls of wallpaper left!"

Yeah, so did I.

\*Heard in Dutch and translated.

A woman rings at neighbour's door. A man opens the door.

Woman: "Hey, I just moved in, and I am just applying wallpaper in the kitchen. I just saw yesterday that you freshly papered you kitchen as well, and I thought you may be able to help me out. How many stacks of paper did you buy to do the job?"

Man:"Well yes, of course! I bought 16 stacks of paper."

The woman thanks the man and goes on to buy 16 stacks of paper. When she was finished with the kitchen she returns to the neighbour.

Woman:" well thanks again for the advice, I am done and the new kitchen looks awesome! I am just wondering, I still have 6 stacks of paper left...?"

Man:"Yeah, me too."

When I sold my house...

The new owner called me up and asked; "How much wallpaper did you buy when you did the living room?". "12 rolls" I answered.

Three days later I got another angry call. "You said you bought 12 rolls of wallpaper, but I only needed 7!". "Funny", I responded, "I had the same thing!"

Wallpaper joke, When I sold my house...

How many men does it take to wallpaper a feminists bedroom.

Five if you slice them thinly.

How do you know a good gynecologist?

He can wallpaper the hall, stairs and landing through the letterbox!

How many men does it take to wallpaper a feminists house?

Only one, but you have to slice him REALLY thin!

A guy asks his neighbor in an apartment building:

Mr. Tepper, you live directly above me and you have the same 2-Room apartment as I do. How many rolls of wallpaper did you buy when you moved in?

We got 18 rolls, answers the neighbor.

Two months later the guy news his neighbor again and says, It's really funny - I put the wallpaper on everywhere and I still had 10 rolls left over.

The neighbor smiles and replies, Yeah, so did we.

Wallpaper joke, A guy asks his neighbor in an apartment building:

If you truly believe that "Colour Doesn't Matter"

try arguing with your wife when choosing wallpaper.

How many men does it take to wallpaper a room?

50, if you slice them *very* thinly.

"I want your face to be the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before falling asleep"

"Oh my God! Are you proposing?"

"What? NO! Just setting your photo as my phone wallpaper. Geez!"

Bought some gary speed wallpaper last night, its amazing!

it hung itself!

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A building with Nazis caught fire.

They were all trapped and shouting for help. I looked around but no one else was there. Being a good citizen I had to save them; which I did. As my wallpaper.

Did you hear about the gynaecologist who got into interior decorating?

He could wallpaper a whole house through the keyhole.

Having pictures of your family as your wallpaper is great.

But it gets awkward when you close pornhub and they're the first thing you see.

One construction worker asks another: - Aren't the walls too thin in this apartment building?

- Don't worry about it, there is also wallpaper.

Yesterday, I saw a Scotsman scraping of his wallpaper.

*Was he redecorating?*

No, he was moving.

Wallpaper joke, Yesterday, I saw a Scotsman scraping of his wallpaper.

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