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Top 10 of the Funniest Walker Texas Ranger Jokes and Puns

When Chuck Norris gets old and has to use a walker

Will he name his walker, Texas ranger

Once, on the set of Walker Texas Ranger, a goat fell over dead.

Chuck Norris ran up to the goat and beard rubbed it back to life.

"Walker Texas Ranger: The Movie 3-D" was considered by Warner Brothers; however the technology to create the visual effects will never be possible.

Chuck Norris is the only person that can deliver a roundhouse kick in full 1080p, remember that the next time you watch Walker Texas Ranger in Blu-Ray.

In an official mandate, 'Walker, Texas Ranger' DVD discs have been ordered to replace the armor plating in all bulletproof vests.

Walker Texas Ranger was actually a reality show.

Even after muting "Walker, Texas Ranger", you can still hear Chuck Norris's victims screaming after getting roundhouse kicked.

They once had a showing of Walker Texas Ranger in 3D.

There where no survivors.

Walker Texas Ranger wasn't an action crime drama, it was a documentary.

Chuck never auditioned for Walker Texas Ranger, a camera crew turned up at his house and secretly filmed him.

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