Walken Jokes

What are some Walken jokes?

What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

Christopher Walken.

(Not sure if it's a repost, but I don't think I've seen it posted here.)

What's better than Chrisopher Walken?

Ted Danson.

Where does Christopher keep his dance shoes?

In the Walken closet.

Christopher Walken was walking down the street..

When a man stop him and said Are you Christopher Walken?
He said No I'm Christopher standing here, because you stopped me

It's much better when told in 1st person using your shittiest Christopher Walken impression

Who is the oppostite of Cristopher Walken?

Christopher Reeve

Who does Christopher Reeve wish he could be?

Christopher Walken

A man visited a movie studio and was browsing the wardrobe archives.

He asked a costume designer which were her favourite pieces.

Well, that shirt there was worn by Pacino. That jacket was put together for De Niro. And these boots were made for Walken.

Who's faster than Christopher Walken?

Christopher Runnen

Who's slower?

Christopher Crawlen

Remember the guy who played in the deer hunter, and pulp fiction. Christopher something or other.

Anyway, I heard he's opening a new hospital. I think they're going to call it the Walken clinic.

There should be a holiday episode of Man vs Wild with Christopher Walken

It would be called Walken in a winter wonderland!

What do you call it when Christopher Walken uses too much punctuation?

"...a, Tragedy, of, the Commas!"

What's the opposite of Tim Walken?

Tim Daly.

What made Stephen Hawking cry?

He saw Christopher Walken.

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