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What do Wal mart and priests have in common?

They both have boys pants half off.

I'm going to hell lol


Two Vampires wal into a bar.

Two vampires walk into a bar. They both sit at a table and wait for employee to come. Once the employee comes one of the vampires asks for a glass of blood, while the other asks for hot water.
When the employee delivers the orders to the table he couldn't avoid to ask:
- Why would a vampire drink hot water?
The vampire, slowly goes into his pocket and brings out a used tampon and says:
- I prefer tea sir...



Q: Why aren't there any Wal Marts in Afghanistan?

A: Because there is a Target on every corner.


Why are there no Wal Marts in Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan?

Because there are already too many targets.



According the United States National Tourism Office Wal Mart is the greatest place you can take your family

to see the kind of people you used to have to pay admission to see in a freak show.


What do you call the Wal Mart cheer?

Spelling classes!


I Wish I was a Wal Mart Truck Driver...

Because I missed Tracy Morgan on Saturday.


My was Michael Jackson in Wal Mart?

He heard boys' pants were half off.

(Just kidding. He's dead.)


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