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143 waiting jokes and hilarious waiting puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about waiting that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

This article is full of jokes to ease the waiting angst. From Waiting Rooms to Waiting in Line, Waiting for Godot and Waiting Movies, these funny jokes are sure to lighten the mood! Finally, get ready to laugh with jokes about the Receptionist, Waiting Ball and even Waiting For Christmas!

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Funniest Waiting Short Jokes

Short waiting jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The waiting humour may include short delay jokes also.

  1. My wife left me because I'm too insecure. No wait, she's back.
    She just went to make a cup of tea.
  2. I just saw my chinese waiter give my order to someone who looks nothing like me. I get it now. Oh wait, my bad. That wasn't my waiter.
  3. I arrived early to the restaurant. The manager said do you mind waiting a bit? I said no. Good, he said. Take these drinks to table nine.
  4. My girlfriend just screamed at me for tickling my child's feet She said something about 'waiting until they're born'
  5. Queue sounds like q followed by 4 silent letters, but… They're just waiting their turn.
  6. These bowling Green Massacre jokes are too soon Out of respect, we should at least wait until it takes place.
  7. a man is chopping down a tree the tree says Wait, i'm a talking tree
    the man proceeds chopping down the tree and says and you will dialogue.
  8. My girlfriend left me because of my abandonment issues... Oh wait. She's back. She just went to get some milk.
  9. I bought my wife a fridge as an anniversary present. I can't wait to see her face light up when she opens it.
  10. My mother said, "You won't amount to anything because you procrastinate." I told her, "Oh yea... Just you wait."

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Waiting One Liners

Which waiting one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with waiting? I can suggest the ones about waits and long wait.

  1. My wife left me because I am insecure No wait, she's back.
    She just went to get coffee.
  2. If you ever miss 4:20 just wait untill 4:22 because... 4:22 is 4:20 too.
  3. The last four letters in "queue" are not silent They're just waiting their turn
  4. The f in orphan stands for family wait
  5. I've decided to marry a pencil I can't wait to introduce my parents to my bride 2B
  6. Man, if you thought No nut November was bad... Wait until No Net December.
  7. What do you get when you eat 3.14 slice of cake? Diabetes.
  8. What happens if Usain Bolt misses his bus? He waits for it at the next stop.
  9. Just waiting for Steve Harvey to come out and say it's actually Clinton any second now
  10. What's one nickel minus one nickel? Wait never mind that makes no cents.
  11. So a man comes into a bar.... no wait it was a horse So a man comes into a horse
  12. Four men are waiting for their wives in a marital ward.
  13. Can't wait to see Liam Neeson's new film Taken: Out Of Context.
  14. TIL: Ropes can pass through themselves Ohh wait they can knot.
  15. Jimmy Kimmel should have Floyd Mayweather read mean tweets after the fight Oh wait

Waiting In Line Jokes

Here is a list of funny waiting in line jokes and even better waiting in line puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • A lesbian, a gay man, a bisexual person, and a trans person are waiting in line It was an LGBT queue
  • Did you guys know that the Soviet Union made the best bread in history? People would wait days in line for a single piece
  • What Do You Call A Line Of Men Waiting For A Haircut? A Barbecue.
  • Putin asks Zelenskyi: 'When I'm dead, I bet you will come to urinate on my grave?" Zelenskyi: "Nah. Never been fond of waiting in line."
  • A man walks into a bar and orders a glass of punch The bartender says "If you want punch, you'll have to wait in line like everyone else."
    So the man looks around the bar, but there is no punchline.
  • I had to wait in line for a bowl of Vietnamese soup That's it, no joke. Don't like it? Pho queue.
  • I can't wait for the next Quantum Physicist triathlon. I'm going to stand beside the bikes and yell out their speeds. They'll get so lost they'll end back at the starting line.
  • What call a line of men waiting for a haircut? A barbeque
  • What's 200 feet long and eats potatoes? Communists waiting in line to buy meat.
  • Waiting in line to vote, somebody pulls up and asks " How long have you been waiting to vote?" Some guy in the back of the line yells "FOUR YEARS!"

Waiting Room Jokes

Here is a list of funny waiting room jokes and even better waiting room puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I like to stand in the corner of my psychiatrist's waiting room and blow on anyone who walks by... Most people hate it, but I'm a fan...
  • I went on a job interview for a security guard. After spending 12 hours in the waiting room... ...they hired me.
  • I've just discovered the quickest way to call a family meeting. I turned off the WiFi router and simply waited in the room where it's located.
  • Whenever I'm at the therapist's waiting room, I stand in one corner and blow air at people. Everyone hates it, but I'm a fan.
  • A nurse comes in and tells a doc... ..."there's a man in the waiting room that thinks he's invisible. What should I tell him?"
    Doc says, "Tell him I can't see him today."
  • Nurse pops her head into the doctor's office..... Nurse: 'Doctor, there's an invisible man in the waiting room.'
    Doctor: 'Tell him I can't see him.'
  • What did the Doctor say to the midget in the waiting room? "You're going to have to be a little patient"
  • An invisible man was in the waiting room. "Your patient is here, doctor," the nurse said.
    The doctor replied, "Tell him I can't see him right now."
  • My girlfriend wanted to do doctor roleplaying. I sat in the waiting room for about an hour while she saw two other patients who came in after me.
  • What's the difference between young girls and photographs? After putting them in a dark room, you have to wait for the photograph to fully develop.
Waiting joke, What's the difference between young girls and photographs?

Waiting Movie Jokes

Here is a list of funny waiting movie jokes and even better waiting movie puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Have you heard about that new movie Constipation? Oh wait - it hasn't come out yet!
    *ba dum tss*
  • did you hear about that new movie called constipation? i can't wait for it to come out!
  • Has anyone seen the movie Constipated? Wait, it's not out yet.
  • How to not feel alone Step 1: wait until its 1 am
    Step 2: dim the lights
    Step 3: watch a horror movie
    Step 4: enjoy the feeling of not feeling alone!
  • I can't wait I can't wait to watch that one movie 2012. If I'm with kids, I'll say yeah, I remember that. I barely survived. I'm glad we rebuilt.
  • The Grave of the fireflies was such a good movie.. Can't wait more to watch the second part.
  • Did you see the new movie called Constipated yet? Oh wait. It didn't come out yet.
  • Did you hear about the blondes who were found frozen to death in their car at a drive-in movie theater? They were waiting for "Closed For The Winter" to start.
  • Can't wait for the next Jason Bourne movie. I heard he becomes a Christian and starts a church for ex-treadstone agents... It's called Bourne Again
  • I love seeing presidents portrayed in movies can't wait to see Umpa Lumpas back for the next few years

Hospital Waiting Room Jokes

Here is a list of funny hospital waiting room jokes and even better hospital waiting room puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Waiting in hospital's waiting room makes You patient.
  • What do you call a midget in a hospital waiting room constantly complaining about how long he's been waiting? Imp-Patient!
  • Heard in a hospital waiting room. I only read the paper to look at the obituaries. If I am not there. I read the divorces and check for my name. I can then start my day.
  • Notice in a hospital waiting room. "Thanks for being Patient.'
Waiting joke, Notice in a hospital waiting room.

Waiting Jokes to Giggle and Enjoy A Night of Unforgettable Laughter

What funny jokes about waiting you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean pause jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make waiting pranks.

What do you do with 365 used condoms?

Melt them down, make a tire and call it a Goodyear.
(Yes, I have been waiting till the end of the year to write this)

A priest, a minister, and a rabbi decided to go skinny dipping...

Suddenly, they saw three women walking towards them. Each was a member of their flocks. The priest and the minister covered their privates with their hands and closed their eyes waiting for the agony to end.
After the women walked away they noticed the rabbi had covered his face and not his nether regions. He said, "My flock recognizes my face. What kinda sermons do you give?"

A man stumbles into his house early in the morning...

after a night of partying and heavy drinking, just as the sun is coming up. His wife is waiting for him at the kitchen table, glaring at him.
"Is there a reason you're coming home at 6 in the morning with alcohol on your breath, lipstick on your collar?" She shouts at him.
"Yes there is," he replies.
"I would like some breakfast"

A teacher said to her class, "Suppose you were all millionaires, write what you would do"...

Everyone immediately began to write furiously, except little Johnny, who kicked back and put his feet on the table. The teacher walked over to him. "Why aren't you writing Johnny?" she asked. Johnny looked up. "I'm waiting for my secretary."

Blondes At The Bus Stop.

Two blondes are waiting at a bus stop.
A bus pulls up and opens the door. One of the blondes leans inside, asking the driver - "will this bus take me to 5th Avenue?"
The bus driver shakes his head, "no, I'm sorry, it won't" he says.
The other blonde leans inside and asks, "how about me?"

Today, I walked into a restaurant.

"Hi, is my table ready?"
"No, not yet sir. Do you mind waiting?"
"No, that's okay."
"Great, take these salads to table six then."

A Blonde and Condoms

The most beautiful blonde woman you've ever seen walks into the drugstore. She walks to the pharmacy and asks if they sell Extra-Large condoms, the cashier says yes and points her down aisle 11. About 30 minutes go by and the pharmacist notices that the blonde is still looking at the condoms. He decides to see if she needs any help. He says, "Did you find the extra large condoms?" She responds, "Yes, now I'm just waiting for someone to buy some."

England fans must be pretty happy right now.

They've been waiting years for their team to play like Spain.

So a tourist walks into an English pub...

A tourist walks into an English pub. While he is waiting for his beer, he notices to rather big women next to him talk in a strange accent. He walks up to them and says:
"Excuse me, I can't quite put my finger on your accent -- are you two ladies from Ireland?"
They get outraged and snap back:
"It's Wales, you idiot!"
"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you two whales from Ireland?"

My girlfriend's sister invited me to have s**... with her today...

My girlfriend's sister invited me to have s**... with her today while we were waiting for my girlfriend to get home. I didn't say anything and started to walk to my car. As I opened the door, my girlfriend came out from the kitchen and hugged me with tears in her eyes as she told me that it was a test of loyalty and I had passed!
Moral of the story: keep your condoms in your car

Old Soviet joke

People are waiting in a long line like to buy v**.... Finally one alcoholic snaps and screams - 'I can't take it, I'll go kill Gorbachev!' And leaves the store. 10 minutes later he come back and says. 'The line to kill Gorbachev is even longer.'

A state trooper lays in wait at a speed trap...

and spots a speeder.
He flashes his lights, pulls the car over, walks up to the driver and says, "I've been waiting for you all day."
The driver responds, "I got here as fast as I could."


An old man walks up to a kid waiting at a bus stop. He says to the boy h-how d-d-do I g-get t-to high st-street? The boy looks at him but doesn't answer. The old man asks the boy a second time, and no answer. By this time, another man came by the bus stop, and gave the directions. Knowing the boy as being a local kid, he says to him "why didn't you give that man directions? Your local you know where it is." The boy replied "d-did you t-think I-I w-wanted m-m-my a-a**... k-k-kicked?

Don't die a v**....

Seriously, there are terrorists waiting for you.

A woman is in the hospital in a coma...

and the husband is in the waiting room. The doctor comes out and tells the husband every time he gets near her c**..., her heart rate increases, and tells the husband he believes o**... s**... will bring her out of the coma.
The husband enters the room. Shortly after, the doctor hears a flatline and rushes into the room, asking what happened. The husband replies, "I dont know, Doc. I think she choked."

My girlfriend invited me to her house where I found her sister alone.

So I sat there waiting for my girlfriend while her unbelievable s**... sister was sitting next to me. A few moments later she whispered to me:
"We should have s**... while my sister isn't home."
I immediately got up and turned around to head back to my car. I find my girlfriend standing by the door, she hugged me and said:
"You've just won my trust honey!"
Moral of the story: Always keep your condoms in your car.

How do feminists screw in a lightbulb?

By holding the bulb up to the socket and waiting for the world to revolve around them

Two paedophiles are waiting at a bus stop when an 8 year old girl walks past...

One says to the other, "I bet she was a looker in her day."

When I was a child, I remember lying in bed with my eyes closed and waiting for Santa to come...

Then crying myself to sleep as he put his clothes back on and left.

Wife calls her scientist husband...

"Honey.. Its Saturday.. you're late..."
"I'm busy with my team in an experiment"
"Whats that?"
"We've just added a derivative of C2H5OH with ambiant temperature H2O and aqueous CO2. To cool this mixture added some super low temperature, solidified H2O, now while waiting for some protein, we are fumigating the lab with vapours of nicotine...
It's 4 or 5 round experiment.. So I will be late."
"Oh dear.. I won't disturb you. Take your time.."

I was tickling my brothers feet last night...

...and my mum woke up and had a right go at me. It was something about waiting until he's born first.

Two prisoners were waiting to be executed.

"Any last requests?" asked the jailer.
"Yes," replied one of the prisoners. "I love music, so before I die could you play 'Never gonna give you up' by Rick Astley."
And the second prisoner said: "Kill me first."

Schrodinger is waiting in a veterinary hospital for news on his cat...

The nurse comes in and says
"Sir,, I have good news and bad news."


A psychiatrist's secretary walked into his study and said, "There's a gentleman in the waiting room asking to see you. Claims he's invisible."
The psychiatrist responded, "Tell him I can't see him."

I was sitting in a diner waiting order, when I hear,

"Does anyone know CPR?"
I said, "I know the entire alphabet!"
We all laughed and laughed...except o**....

Two refugees are waiting in line to get into the US...

Two refugees are waiting in line to get into the US, one says "screw this line, I'm going to shoot Trump". He leaves for a while and then comes back to resume his place in line. The other guy says "so, did you do it?" He says "no, the line there was even longer than this one."

A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Indian man were waiting outside the delivery room.

The matron comes out and explains that the hospital has accidentally mixed up the babies.
The Scot goes straight in and picks up the brown baby.
The Indian says "Are you sure that's your baby?"
The Scot says "No, but there's no way I'm going to risk leaving here with an English baby."

Once in a bar, o**... says to another... "I slept with your mom last night."

The whole bar falls dead silent waiting for the second man's come back. After a while, he laughs and says... "let's go home, dad. You're drunk."

The word queue does't have 4 silent letters...

They are just waiting their turn.
oh haha didN't realise this got so many upvotes thanks guys :D is there a way to edit the title for the spelling error?

A beautiful blonde woman approaches a pharmacist and asks, "Do you have extra large condoms?"

The pharmacist replies, "Yes, isle 11."
The blonde goes to the isle. But about 30 minutes later she is still looking at the condoms. The pharmacist calls over to her, "Do you need some help?"
The woman replies, "No, I'm just waiting for somebody to buy some."

A little girl and boy are in a doctor's waiting room. The little girl starts to cry so the little boy asks her "What's wrong?"

The little girl responds "I have to get a blood test so they're going to cut open my finger."
The little boy's jaw drops and he says "Oh no! I'm getting a u**... test."


Two young boys are waiting for their
What operation are you having done?
Getting my tonsils out, what about you?
Oh that's bad, I had that done when I was born
and I couldn't walk for a year

An attractive woman asked me if I wanted to see a movie yesterday.

She said what would you like to see.
I said you pick.
She said you pick.
I said I don't care you pick.
She said, Sir there are other people waiting in line to buy tickets.

A hot girl asked me if i wanted to watch a movie

Yesterday, a hot girl asked me if I wanted to see a movie
She asked, "What would you like to see?"
I said, "You pick".
She said, "You pick".
I said, "I don't care, you pick".
She said, "Sir, there are other people waiting in line to buy tickets."

My mom went mental at me for tickling my little brother's feet today -

something about waiting until he's born?...

An old man is about to die.

While he is laying in his bed waiting to die, he said to his sons ( a rich musician, a rich doctor and a lawyer ) : When i die i want you to put in my coffin 5K $ each for my after life.
One week later the old man dies.
At his f**... the musician came and put 5k $ in his dads coffin while he's crying.
The doctor did the same thing , he left 5k $ and left crying.
Finally, the lawyer took the 10k $ and left a check with 15k$ and said : thank you dad.

Three boys were talking after school...

Three boys were talking after school while waiting for their fathers to pick them up. The first one boasts: "My dad is a Formula One driver. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 5:15."
The second boy says: "That's nothing. My dad is a jet pilot. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 5:05!"
The last boy looks at his companions and says: "Pfff.... amateurs! My dad works for the government. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 4:45!"

A hot girl asked me whether I wanted to see a movie.

She said, "Which movie would you like to see?".
I said, "You pick".
She said, "No you pick".
I said, "I don't care, you pick".
She said, "Please decide fast sir, there are other people waiting to buy tickets".
[A forward that I received from my SO today]

Why was Roy Moore waiting outside the liquor store when it opened?

He heard they had a 14 year old Brandy

I remember when I was younger lying there in bed waiting for Santa to come..

I also remember the awkward silence while waiting for him to get dressed and leave.

A dad joke

"Dad I'm hungry."
"Hi hungry, I'm dead."
"Haha, you mean dad."
"No. I have inoperable brain cancer."
"I've been waiting for the right moment to tell you."

They say a Queue is just a Q, followed by four silent letters

but really they are just waiting their turns.

Queue is Just Q followed by 4 Silent letters

Teacher: Queue is Just Q followed by 4 Silent letters
Me: They aren't Silent, They are waiting their turn

Homosexuality in Russia is a crime, and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with hundreds of other men.

There is a three year waiting list.

An expecting father paces nervously up and down the waiting room.

"First child?" Asks another father
"No" replies the first.
"Well then why are you so anxious?"
"When my wife read 'A tale of two cities', she had twins. When she read 'The three musketeers' she had triplets."
"That's amazing." says the second Man
"Yes" replies the first "but she just finished reading 'Birth of a Nation'.

Doctor: "I'm just waiting for your X-Ray."

Blonde: "I've never dated anyone by that name."

I had s**... for 3 hours last night...

We roleplayed as doctor and patient, and I was in the waiting room for 2 hours and 58 minutes.

Yesterday, a beautiful girl asked me whether I wanted to watch a movie. She said, What do you want to see?

Me: You pick.
Her: You pick.
Me: I don't care which movie. You pick.
Her: Sir, there are people behind you in line waiting to buy tickets.

A priest dies and goes to the gates of Heaven

The priest approaches the bouncer aka St. Peter.
After perusing the list, Peter can't find the priest's name, and tells him to go downstairs to the waiting room until further notice.
Meanwhile, a taxi driver who died at the same time approached the gates.
St. Peter welcomes him with open arms and lets him straight into Heaven.
The priest is dumbfounded. I've preached to thousands of people throughout my life! I've baptized children and converted many to the church! I've lived a holy life!
St. Peter shakes his head and responds:
When you preached, people slept...
When he drove, people prayed.

A woman's closet door what making a terrible sounds whenever a bus was crossing the street outside

So she called a carpenter to check it out.
The carpenter comes to see what's the problem but sees nothing. Right then a bus was crossing the street and a loud creaking sound was heard. He couldn't believe it.
So he told her that he'll be waiting inside the closet to see what is making this noise.
After a few minutes the husband comes home, opens the closet and see a man inside.
He looks at his wife with disgust and back at the man and asks: "what the h**... are you doing in my closet…?"
The carpenter then said "would you believe me if I told you I am waiting for the bus? "

My mate set me up on a blind date.

He said, "She's a lovely girl, but there's something you should know... She's expecting a baby."
I felt like a right idiot waiting in the pub wearing nothing but a n**...!

A man murdered his wife and was sentenced to death.

There was a crowd waiting around the gallows to watch. As the hangman put the noose around his neck, he was asked, Do you have any last words?
The m**... said, Yeah, I have a joke that I came up with while I was waiting.
So, I hadn't showered for a week by the day I killed my wife. I tied her up and told her that I'd cut her apart while she was still alive, and she told me, 'At least cut my nose off first.'
Everyone there burst out laughing. The hangman said, That joke was about something terrible! Why was it so funny?
Well, I believe you can make a joke about any topic funny, said the m**.... After all, good comedy is all about execution.

Waiting for election results is like waiting for a grade on a group project.

I know I did my part right, but I am worried the rest of you s**... it up.

While Donald Trump is out there, causing a fuss, what is his opponent doing?

He is just waiting around like an average Joe, Biden his time.

I went to a restaurant and they asked me "Do you mind waiting a bit?"

"Not at all", I replied.
"Good", they said, while handing me some menus. "Take these to Table 11."

A lawyer dies and appears in front of the golden gates of heaven...

He finds himself at the back of a long queue of Popes.
Suddenly, St. Peter grabs him and takes him straight through the pearly gates.
I don't understand" the lawyer said puzzled. There's hundreds of Popes waiting in line and you've let me in before them. Why?"
Sir, said St. Peter. We've had lots of Popes here. But, you are our FIRST lawyer.

A British Jew is waiting in line to be knighted by the Queen.

He is to kneel in front of her and recite a sentence in Latin when she taps him on the shoulders with her sword. However, when his turn comes, he panics in the excitement of the moment and forgets the Latin. Then, thinking fast, he recites the only other sentence he knows in a foreign language, which he remembers from the Passover seder:
"Ma nishtanah halailah hazeh mikol haleilot."
Puzzled, Her Majesty turns to her advisor and whispers, "Why is this knight different from all other knights?"

Two cavemen are waiting at the doctor's office

The first says, "Me name Phil. Me get bee sting. Why you here?"
The second one, covered in blood, smiles and says, "Me name Mike. Me get hit by boulder during rock slide."
The first says, "That must hurt! Why you look so happy?"
The second says, "Me celebrating. It's Mike Ache Day!"

A World War 2 joke

Stalin and h**... died and were recieved in h**... by Satan.
Satan asked them to wait in the guest cabin, because he had to search for the worst place in h**... for both of them (it had been a long time since some one so evil had come to his abode) .
While waiting, h**... got bored and asked Stalin to tell him a joke.
Stalin said one word, "Moscow."
h**..., after a long and hard thought, replied, "I don't get it."
Stalin laughs merrily and says, "Exactly."

A man is walking his pet carrot

As he's walking his pet carrot it gets hit by a car. After rushing to the ER the man paces the waiting room as the doctor comes out exhausted from surgery. Doctor, is my carrot alive are they ok? The doctors sighs. I have good news and bad news. The good news is your pet carrot is alive the man breathes a sigh of relief. What's the bad news doctor? The doctor looks him in the eyes and says Well I'm sorry but, your carrots gonna be a vegetable for the rest of its life.
I know it's dumb it was just of favorite of my grandfathers a long time ago and I thought I'd share it.

I had s**... for 3 hours last night. We role played as doctor and patient.....

I was in the waiting room for 2hrs 57minutes

h**... dies and goes in front of a h**... gate...

St. Peter is waiting, judging him.
They stand in silence when h**... breaks it:" St. Peter, where am I?"
"h**..., h**...." he responds.
"Ya, ya, Heil h**..., but where am I?".

Me and the girlfriend went to the restaurant for the first time in ages.

The Waiter said, I am sorry but we are so busy tonight.
Would you mind waiting for a bit? I said no problem.
He said well take these drinks to table. 5.

A cop walks over to a bruised and beaten man outside of a pub.

He asks the man what happened and the man tells him this; "So I walk into the pub and sit down and as im waiting for my drink I overhear two large women talking with a strange accent. So I ask them 'Are you two ladies from Ireland?' One of them scoffs and tells me "it's Wales d**...." So I ask again 'are you two whales from Ireland?' And thats about all I can remember."

A mathematician comes home at three in the morning.

His wife has been waiting for him and says angrily, "You're late. You said you'd be home at 11:45!"
"Actually," the mathematician replies, "I said I'd be home at a quarter of 12."

3 men were waiting in line to enter heaven

The angel at the gate asks the first man
"how many times did you cheat on your wife?" "10 times" the man answers. The angel gives him the keys to a 2010 Toyota Camry "this is how you will drive around heaven".
The second man says he cheated on his wife 5 times, the angel gives him a 2018 Lexus and let's him in.
The third man says he never cheated on his wife, he gets a 2021 Rolls Royce.

A few days later the 3 men meet and the man in the Rolls Royce is very sad, the men ask him what's wrong, he replys "I just saw my wife riding around on a scooter.

a joke we tell in Ukraine

A russian, a Ukrainian and an African American guys are sitting in the waiting room while their wives give birth.
The nurse comes out with 3 babies and says "sorry guys, they've got mixed up..let's see whose is whose".
The Ukrainian takes a black kid and runs.
They yell "hold on dude!!! That kid is obviously not yours!"
the Ukrainian replied "I don't care I dont want a russian!!!"

Hundreds of Russians are outside a bank,

grumbling about waiting hours in a long queue to make a withdrawl.
Suddenly one says '' I've had enough of this, I'm going to shoot Putin!"
He returns five hours later to the queue and his mate says '' did you kill him?''
he said ''no the queue was too long''

A s**... bomber went to heaven.

The Angel at the front desk greeted him.
"Hi, welcome. There are 72 very h**... virgins waiting for you!"
"I knew it! said the bomber. "Bring me the women!"
The Angel smiled.
"Who mentioned women?"

A man answers his door and finds a piano tuner waiting on the step. 'Can I help' says the man 'I haven't ordered a piano tuner'

'I know you haven't' replies the piano tuner 'Your neighbours did for you'

I asked my wife if I could play doctor

I left her waiting 45 minutes then gave her 2 minutes of time

A worker in Russia has been standing in a liquor line for hours….

He grows tired of waiting around for so long, so he suddenly says to his friends around him That's it, I cannot take this anymore, please hold my place in line, I am going to shoot Putin. They agree to hold his place and he walks off hastily.
Two hours later the worker returns. One of his friends asks him Well, did you do it? The worker says, No, the line there was much longer than the line here.

Waiting joke, A worker in Russia has been standing in a liquor line for hours….

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