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Why are waiters terrible pornstars?

They only want the tip

Before today, the saddest Brazilians I ever saw...

...were the waiters who got assigned to me at Fogo de Chau #estoygordo

Two statisticians go deer hunting...

they are out all day long when finally they spot a 5 point buck. They simultaneously crouch down silently, take aim, and shoot. The first statistician fires 20 feet to the left of the deer. The second statistician fires 20 feet to the right of the deer. In unison, they both shout out "got it"!

Thank you folks, I'll be here all week. Tip your waiters.

Waiters joke, Two statisticians go deer hunting...

In honor of his passing, my dad's favorite joke to tell waiters

Waiter: "And to drink, sir?"

Dad: "I'll have a blind coke."

Waiter: "I'm sorry?"

Dad: "You know, a blind coke. No ice."

What do waiters and prostitutes have in common?

Just the tip.

The restaurant said they couldn't seat me right away due to lack of waiters

I said, "That's alright, I'll wait".

L.P.T. Servers and waiters aren't really into you. You may believe they are flirting by giving you more attention...

... but in reality they just want the tip.

Waiters joke, L.P.T. Servers and waiters aren't really into you. You may believe they are flirting by giving you m

What's the problem with robot waiters?

The server might crash

What did IGN rate a restaurant?

7.8/10 too much waiters

People like to hate on gratuity for waiters and waitresses

Personally, I think it's a small price to pay.

There's a banquet filled with Catholic Bishops

There's a banquet filled with Catholic Bishops. One of the waiters goes up to the Bishop and asks him how to become a Priest.

The Bishop tells him about the vows of poverty.

The waiter says 'if this is your idea of poverty I'd love to see your idea of chastity. :

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I like waiters....

They bring a lot to the table.

What is the attitude of rude waiters at Chinese restaurants?

"We have no Forks to give around here."

Even though I went mainstream for dinner I still got some trendy fish...

Thanks to my hip waiters

Why don't you see more midget waiters?

They have to be paid under the table.

Vietnamese waiters are rude

I went to a busy Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant.

The waiter asked me to join the line.

I ask him "whaat... ?"

He pointed to the line and told me "pho queue"

Waiters joke, Vietnamese waiters are rude

Why did the restaurant staff deem the waiters absence due to depression to be a technical issue?

Because their servers were down.

To all you waiters and waitress out there, I just want to say.....

Thank you for your service.

Did you read the joke about the waiters that ran into each other?

I couldn't, because the servers crashed.

The service in the Cyber Cafe was infuriatingly slow. All the waiters were terrible at their job. Eventually, though, they did a complete restaff, and it improved dramatically.

Turns out all they needed was a server upgrade.

What are the 13 things French waiters use to carry drinks?


Do you know who makes judgments about people based on their profession?


Where do one-legged waiters work?


Jokes about waiters are the best

They bring a lot to the table

I like my waiters like I like my cows.


Why do waiters love serving hardworking people?

Because they always give a hundred and ten percent

Say what you want about waiters

But I think they bring a lot to the table

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