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What do you call a waffle on a California beach?

A Sandy Eggo.

What do you call a waffle you drop in the desert?

San Diego

^^^^^i'll ^^^^let^^^^myself^^^^out

TIL there's a city named after a waffle dropped on the beach

San Diego

What do you call a waffle that's been buried in sand?


(The first joke I ever made as a kid)

(NSFW) What's the difference between a clever dwarf and a blue waffle?

Well one's a cunning runt...

What did Carmen's mom say when Carmen dropped her waffle in the sandbox?

"Where in the world is Carmen's sandy Eggo?"

What was Hitler's favourite type of waffle ?


What's the best part of a waffle?

The w. Without it it's just awful.

What does a coffee pot say when it's feeling sorry for itself?

Pour me...


Courtesy Waffle House marketing team from an email i received today.

Hagrid is so fat

The Sorting Hat put him in the Waffle House

What do you call a waffle found on the beach?

Sandy eggo

Quaker surprised me about how decisive they were when canceling aunt Jemima.

I expected them to waffle.

I made a Belgium waffle this morning,

This afternoon I'm going to make a Frenchman talk nonsense.

What city would you be in if you dropped your waffle on the beach?

....Sandy ego.

What do you call a waffle made in California?

A sandy Eggo.

What does a waffle call his complete existential paradigm shift?

His eggo death

Why didn't the waffle go to the pancake party?

He was a square.

What do you call chickpeas cooked in a waffle iron?


What's the hardest kind of waffle to find?

A Carmen Sandy Eggo

What did Sigmund Freud say when his patient wouldn't unhand his waffle?

Leggo my ego!

How did Helen Keller burn her face?

She answered the waffle iron.
How did she burn the other side?
They called back.

The guy who named San Diego...

must have dropped his breakfast waffle at the beach.

We throw around the word "hero" so much nowadays....

What about all the other times this week when someone had to tackle a naked guy in a waffle house at 3am?

Do you know where the Belgium waffle design comes from?

From the German tank tracks.

Next time you're at a Waffle House, ask for the Kennedy special.

It's a hashbrown double capped.

How did Helen Keller burn her fingers?

She tried to read the waffle iron.

What happens when you manage a Waffle House too long?

You get eggotistical

How did the blind man burn his fingers?

Trying to read the waffle iron.

I pour maple syrup over my essays

Because they're 100% waffle.

Did you hear about the Waffle House killer?

I heard he started out as a cereal killer but he must have still been hungry :(

What do you call a waffle that burps too much?

A belchin waffle.

I dropped my waffle on the beach the other day...

You know what I had?
A San Diego

Not sure if this is original

What do you call a waffle on the beach?

A San Diego

How do you call it when a parent makes airplane noises to feed their kid a german waffle?

A luftwaffle

While in California, I wanted to enjoy breakfast at Mission Beach and some guy just threw my waffle on the ground.

I hate sandy Eggo.

Where are you when you take your waffle to the beach?

San Diego!

I'm ready to open my Arabian breakfast call girl business

I'll call it the "Falafel, waffle, and awful brothel"

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