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What does a coffee p**... say when it's feeling sorry for itself?

Pour me...
Courtesy Waffle House marketing team from an email i received today.

Hagrid is so fat

The Sorting Hat put him in the waffle House

What has four teeth and eight legs?

The night shift at the Waffle House

Waffle House

I went to Waffle House this morning but forgot my wallet at home. I told the waiter I couldn't pay for my meal, so she took one of my shoes as payment and told me I wasn't allowed back.
I guess from now on IHOP.

We throw around the word "hero" so much nowadays....

What about all the other times this week when someone had to tackle a n**... guy in a waffle house at 3am?

Next time you're at a Waffle House, ask for the Kennedy special.

It's a hashbrown double capped.

What happens when you manage a Waffle House too long?

You get eggotistical

Did you hear about the Waffle House killer?

I heard he started out as a cereal killer but he must have still been hungry :(

Yo mama is so fat...

That the sorting hat put her in the waffle house!

If you're clever, what do you call a german waffle house?


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