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Three blondes are lost in a forest.

When they reach to a giant lake. It is to big to go around it, so they want to go straight trough it. And than, a good fairy appears. She says that she will give one wish to each of the blondes. First one wishes for a boat. With the boat, she gets to the middle of the lake, and there is a tiny vortex who sucks her in. The second blonde wishes for a submarine. With it, she gets all to the middle, but than the vortex sucks her. And the third blonde wishes to be brunette. After she is changed, the brunette says: Oh, look, a bridge.


What do you call it when you get stuck in a brainstorming feedback loop?

A Cerebral Vortex


If Amy Poehler was a cold front....

She'd be the Poehler Vortex


Being in a vortex

Must really suck


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