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During my job interview I was asked: After a long week how do you normally recharge your batteries

Apparently through high voltage nipple clamps wasn't the answer they were expecting.

Resistance is not futile...

It's voltage divided by current.

What did the memory say to the processor?

If you apply a voltage to me, I'm going to flip a bit!

Voltage joke, What did the memory say to the processor?

A man working on an imaginary high voltage transformer was found dead in his home.

He had apparently received a fatal shock from the fictitious device.

Investigators who later examined it concluded that this was because it was not grounded in reality.

With great power comes...

Great current and voltage.

What did the voltage say to the current?

What's up, ohmie?

What do you call a high voltage capacitor that's charged?

A flyback capacitor!

Voltage joke, What do you call a high voltage capacitor that's charged?

Did you hear about the fight that broke out on the moving staircase when somebody turned up the voltage?

*It escalated really fast!*

How many Crusaders does it take to change a light bulb?

It depends on Deus Voltage

What do you call an instigated battery?

An inclination of 1080p voltage.

Why can't Mark Zuckerberg appear before the EU parliament to answer questions?

Because his charger is 2 pin and the EU uses a different voltage.

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Engineering tip: you can always improvise a high voltage tester with two paper clips, a rubber band...

... and an intern.

I was at a job interview,

And the interviewer said "How do you recharge and the end of a long week?"

Apparently high voltage nipple clamps wasn't the answer.

Why does a voltage transformer Hum?

Because it forgot the words.

Why did the electrician multiply distance and voltage?

Because he forgot his voltmeter at home.

Thought that current was proportional to voltage.....

Man....I got 'ohm'ed so hard!!!

Voltage joke, Thought that current was proportional to voltage.....

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