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Turned on women's volleyball and within four minutes there was a wrist injury

Don't worry I'll be fine

What was the first thing Hellen Keller noticed at the beach?

The volleyball net.

My boyfriend and I were at my daughter's volleyball game...

when we noticed a couple in the bleachers.
They were being VERY affectionate.
She was running her hands all over him and nibbling on his ear.
He had his hands on her too.
I said to my boyfriend,
"I don't know whether to watch them or the game."
He said, "Watch them, you already know how to play volleyball. -_-"

I was watching women's volleyball during the Olympics and there was already a wrist injury

But don't worry, I should be fine by Monday.

Watching the olympics women beach volleyball first round...

There's already been a wrist injury, but I should be ok by tomorrow.

Turned on a women's volleyball game today, and within the first three minutes a wrist injury occurred

But don't worry I'll be fine

I was watching an all girls volleyball game on tv today. 10 minutes in and there was a wrist injury...

Don't worry, I should be fine by tomorrow.

Never trust volleyball players with your drinks

They might spike 'em.

Sports injury

Last night on ESPN I was watching Women's beach volleyball. About three minutes into the game, there was a really bad wrist injury. The doctor said I should be fine in a few days though.

Why did they have to cancel the volleyball games in the special olympics?

It wasn't going over too well.

Policemen are great at Volleyball, guess why?

They serve and protect.

What's white and hard for women to swallow?

A volleyball

I got arrested for spiking a girl's drink at a volleyball game.

I nearly broke my hand and took someone's eye out with the bottle.

Just been watching the Olympic ladies beach volleyball and there's already been a wrist injury.

But I should be okay by Monday.

Why shouldn't you hire a volleyball player to be your bartender?

The service may be excellent, but he'll try to spike all the drinks.

I was watching a game of girls volleyball and…

There's already a wrist injury. Don't worry I'll be fine.

I waited on this volleyball team at this restaurant I work at.

I guess you can say they got served.

What do you call a Volleyball player who hurt her knee diving for the ball?


I once spiked a girl's drink...

It was the strangest game of volleyball I had ever played.

Never buy Drugs from a volleyball player

They bump the price up
Set the location
And spike there product

Why would you really want to win a game of beach volleyball on a hot and sunny day?

Because defeat hurts.

Why was the Narwhal kicked off the volleyball team?

He was always spiking the ball.

I got the chance to watch a women's final for beach volleyball last night...

What a semi!!

[nsfw] How many poeple can fit into a coach?


One in the back door, one in the front and the final one in her mouth.

Volleyball was always my favourite sport.

Remember kids,

choose volleyball and not radical Islamic terrorism!

Grils volleyball isn't a joke...

jokes are hard and require skill.

i stole this from southpark

What's white, gets hit on by girls of all ages, races, and stages and rarely busts at high intensity?

A volleyball

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