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Your mom and a Volkswagon have something in common

They're both 40 times dirtier than advertised.


"Talk dirty to me!"she begged.

"Alright," he said leaning closer, "Volkswagon diesel!"


Volkswagon were pretty dumb to name one of their cars 'Golf'

Why name a car after a slow and boring sport where the hardest part is driving


A blond woman is driving down the road in her Volkswagon......

and she sees another blond woman sitting in a row boat in the middle of a bean field. She stops the car and yells to the woman in the boat: "What the hell are you doing?" The blonde in the boat yells back: "I'm fishing." The first woman yells: "Are you crazy? You don't fish in a bean field. You know, it's stupid bitches like you that give blondes a bad name. Why, if I knew how to swim I would come out there and kick your ass."


What's the difference between a Volkswagon TDI and a drunk person?

A drunk person can keep driving.


How many jews can you fit in a Volkswagon?


2 in the front.

3 in the back.

42 in the ash tray.


Why did the beetle cross the road?

Because it was a Volkswagon


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