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Last year I took a visual design class...

...and our final exam was to design a fireworks display.

I passed with flying colors.

I like my women like I like my programming languages.

Visual and basic

My doctor must be a very visual person,

Whenever I have a cold he holds out my medication and says "vitamins, see".

Visual joke, My doctor must be a very visual person,

I created a presentation on my computer but didn't use password protection...

Now it has visual aids.

A blonde girl is eating an ice-cream

Her friend tells her : "You have ice-cream on your cheek".
The blonde girl starts to rub her left cheek. "No the other way".
She puts a finger in her mouth and rubs. "Hij it gonhe ?"

(sorry, it's more a visual joke)

I'm visually impaired and the other day I decided to go to the shop

I walked into the shop

and then I went inside.

I don't understand how people are complaining about visual bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

It's just your character's cyberoptics malfunctioning.

Visual joke, I don't understand how people are complaining about visual bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

In honour of St Patrick's day, can you guess my Irish name?

Pat MiGroin.

Yeah, my grandpa just told me that one...some visual images cannot be unseen.

What has two thumbs and doesn't understand jokes that require a visual component?

This guy!

"I've got a visual lock on sandwiches"


"1 o'clock"

1 o'clock?! I'm hungry now!

Why was the visually-impared german killed by the allies?

Because he was a not-see

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I hate jokes that rely on visual imagery.

I've had it right up to here with them.

So, waiting with my Wife in the Eye Doctor's exam room I spotted a cutaway eyeball ...

It was a visual aid.

Why did the T-Rex's girlfriend leave him?

Because he said he only loved her this much (hold out t-rex like arms)

Sorry this one requires a bit of a visual, but I thought you guys might like it

I live in an artists' commune, but just can't find it in me to trust the visual artists...

They seem kinda sketchy.

Friends are making visual puns

One draws a box with an x on it
"its obviously xbox"
Another draws a station with play on it
"of course its playstation"
Another one draws two people with arrows pointing to eachother with one having nintendo on his shirt.
"its nintendo switch"
Finally one draws a girl with multicolored hair.
"its pc"

Visual joke, Friends are making visual puns

Magic Johnson walks into the mirror portion of a fun house...

Visual Aids.

My doctor told me I had an STD in my eye.

I asked him what he meant exactly.

So, he gave me visual aids.

What did the visually-challenged gentleman say as he walked past the tuna stand at the open air market on a hot summer's day?

Hello ladies. Warm enough for you?

What did the audio visual cable say when it got 80% on its final?


Some jokes only work in visual form, that's why we have comics.

Some jokes only work in spoken form, that's why we have comics.

I wrote a short story about a Post-Impressionist Dutch painter who only made visual jokes...

The painter's name: Vincent van Gag

Our Visual Arts teacher told us to be more like rivers and less like canals today.

If he meant wide, meandering and full of dead fish, I think I'm already there...

My Grandpa always told me that alcohol is damaging visual sense

He also told me that he likes glasses more than being thirsty

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