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Laugh out loud with the most viral jokes around! From jokes about infections and STDs spread like a virus to jokes that spread through your newsfeed, check out some of the funniest jokes that have gone viral!

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Funniest Viral Short Jokes

Short viral jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The viral humour may include short virus jokes also.

  1. America's coronavirus response is a lot like my ex-girlfriend's legs. They opened up fast for just about anyone, and now everyone who took advantage is suffering from a viral infection.
  2. Antivaxxers should create social media accounts for their children They'll go viral in no time.
  3. A man went viral after making a TikTok video describing how to keep cool without any air conditioning. He has a lot of fans.
  4. I took a video of my symptoms that suggested a bacterial infection it turned out to be viral.
  5. You know what they are saying about 2020 It went viral a lot faster than people thought it would.
  6. I've finally figured out why anti-vaxxers are so prominent in today's society. Nowadays, everyone is just hoping to go viral.
  7. Why did the kid put the dinky car in his ear??? Because he wanted to give it a wax job.
    My dad thinks this will go viral. I disagree.
  8. A video of a groundbreaking bowler goes viral He still had to pay to fix the bowling lane though
  9. It's 2023, and I still tell my subscribers on YouTube to wear a mask. Because who knows? My video could go viral.
  10. What's the difference between Influencer and Influenza? One wants to go viral, the other is already viral…

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Viral One Liners

Which viral one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with viral? I can suggest the ones about contagious and virus infects.

  1. "Ebola" is trending on Twitter... ...does that mean it's gone viral?
  2. Doctor told me I have viral eye infection... Must be the cornea virus
  3. No matter how popular they get.. ... antibiotics are never going viral.
  4. I promised a girl I'd make her viral A couple weeks later, her doctor confirmed it
  5. Researchers used CRISPR to encode a movie onto DNA Time to create some viral memes
  6. I can try to make a joke about vaccinated people .... but they won't get viral
  7. The anti-vaxxer movement will end the same way that it started... It'll go viral.
  8. For sure, 2020 was an interesting year After all, it went viral.
  9. Wear a mask before seeing posts that are trending Because they are viral
  10. I made a YouTube video on diseases... It went viral.
  11. I made a bat joke It went viral
  12. What do you call a Disease which is #1 in Trending? A Viral Disease.
  13. What's something that can be not popular but very viral? Corona in the end of 2019
  14. Have you heard that new Coronavirus song? It went viral.
  15. Have you heard about the anti-vaxxer refusing to wear a mask, as well? She went viral.

Most Viral Jokes

Here is a list of funny most viral jokes and even better most viral puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What did the online personality say to the doctor after running some tests? Is this going to be viral?
  • Did you see the video of the guy making out with the lady with the Zika Virus? Yeah, apparently it went viral.
    I know this is awful, but my coworkers laughed... so I got that going for me.
  • I don't know why people think throwing singles at children is the new viral trend... Hollywood's been doing it for decades.
  • Did you hear about the aspiring YouTube star that died from the flu? He finally went viral.
  • I wonder why biological warfare is not popular even though it's viral
  • Was on Twitter earlier telling everyone about how I had this tiny spot on my top lip that turned into a massive cold sore… It's gone viral…
  • I have a new starter business idea that's going to go viral! It's a unique product, created by harvesting the eggs from dead women… I'm calling it: Cadaviar.
  • What do you get when you give a computer programmer an aggressive dermal viral infection? Open sores.
  • So i uploaded this sick new video to Youtube... Yeah, it went viral
  • Has anyone seen the new Ebola video ? I heard it went viral.

Viral Video Jokes

Here is a list of funny viral video jokes and even better viral video puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • If you made a viral video of a cow... It'd be called a bo-Vine.
  • News: Video of black Baltimore mother beating her rioting son goes viral. She beat him so hard the police gave her a job application.
  • Did you hear about the new COVID-19 video? It went viral
  • I saw a viral video today. It taught me a lot about STDs.
  • Cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping, and the other third making viral videos.
  • Have you seen that viral video of Jagmeet Singh? He was Sikh.
  • Did you hear about the infection who made a Youtube video? He went viral...
  • The video from the ring infects people with airborne pathogens. The video went viral.
  • You know when it's a viral video when... The video is taken vertically.
  • I uploaded a video about viruses on YouTube.. It went viral 8D
Viral joke, I uploaded a video about viruses on YouTube..

Viral joke, I uploaded a video about viruses on YouTube..

Charming Humor Viral Jokes with Loads of Fun

What funny jokes about viral you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean computer virus jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make viral pranks.

How do you get h**... viral infection of the eye?

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Kylie Jenner's n**... goes viral

She should probably see a doctor

Local gay man contracts h**... while filming Livestream

Latest reports say he is now going viral

Why is Influencer Marketing called Influenza Marketing?

Because it counts on going viral.

Why are social media managers on sick leave so often?

Because they easily get viral.

A questionable article on marine biology goes viral.

"**New study reveals migrating Crows' droppings may be responsible for great barrier barrier reef bleaching**"
The article receives widespread criticism from the scientific community. Marine biologists across the globe insist that coralation does not imply Cawsality.

Remember that audio clip that went viral?

The one where different people heard different a word? Well, the person who discovered that clip hasn't found another internet sensation since. Guess you could say they're resting on their Yannys.

Viral joke, I promised a girl I'd make her viral

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