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Famous Last Words

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Tarzan: "Who greased the vine?"

Why were Helen Keller's hands purple...

... because she heard it through the grape vine.

How Tarzan's famous yell was invented.

Tarzan was swing through the jungle one day when he spotted Jane.
He hollered, "Jane! Grab vine!"
And he swung down to swoop her up.

Vine joke, How Tarzan's famous yell was invented.

My girlfriend and I decided to make a sex tape.

But I came too quickly so we made a Vine.

(Saw something similar in a meme so I can't take the credit)

I tried uploading my sex tape to PornHub.

They told me to try Vine.

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A green grape is on a vine next to a purple grape

A green grape is on a vine next to a purple grape. It looks over, gasps, and says "BREATHE!"

Vine joke, A green grape is on a vine next to a purple grape

Vine signs a deal with Usian Bolt. All his races can now be seen for free exclusively on Vine.


I thought about making a sex tape the other day...

...until I realized it would just be a Vine.

Why did Nike release a vine of the "Back to the Future" Power Lace shoes??

Because the pictures were way to shaky......

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Why were the German tomatoes drunk?

Because they'd been on the vine.

I told my girlfriend to make a sextape together.

She agreed. It became a vine

Vine is shutting down

I might actually make more in a year than a vine star does in a week.

Vine-famous man Deez Nuts has found never-before-seen nuts fall from a tree, and has been given the rights to name it

He calls it the Eucalyptus Nuts

What would be Tarzan's best school of magic as a wizard?

The vine magic

Vine joke, What would be Tarzan's best school of magic as a wizard?

Mom, what does hypocrisy mean?

- Best Dank Memes Vine Compilation

Why do you cut an ivy?

You do it for the vine

Why are the youtubers who came from vine, much funnier on vine?

Because you only had to see them for six seconds.

If Hitler made a YouTube video, what would it be called?

Vine Comp.

Ajit Pai walks out of a bar..

With no drinks. He ordered a lesser known brand of vine.

You're so bad in bed that...

Your sex tape would be a vine.

My dad said cant you see your meme and vine references are ruining this family!

So I said I can't see I'm legally blind.

Why do women like YouTube better than Vine?

Six seconds isn't enough

Remember Vine? It's ok if you don't

It lasted about six seconds

I don't like vinegar.

It's racist.

"May I have some vinegar?"

"Sorry, we don't serve racists here."

A grape falls off a vine and dries...

Everything happens for a raisin.

What does Tarzan falling to his death have in common with Millenials?

I miss Vine.

If you don't like vinegar, but you use it anyway...

You'll have...... vinaigrette.

"911, what's your emergency?"

Drunk redneck, "Send help, my buddy just fell and hit his head on the sidewalk. He's bleed'n like a stuck hog!"

911, "Okay sir, what's your location?"

Drunk redneck, "We're at the corner of Sycamore and Vine."

911, "Okay sir, I'm going to need you to spell that for me. "

Drunk redneck, "Si.....Sy...ah! screw it! I'll drag him on down to Maple you can pick him up there!"

One day, Tarzan is swinging through the jungle on his favourite vine when he crashes into a monkey swinging in the other direction.

They both land safely on a tree limb below, but when Tarzan looks up, there is only one vine hanging above them. Next to it, there is only a very thin branch.

"Were you swinging on that thing?" asks Tarzan.

"Yes," replies the monkey.

Tarzan is amazed. "How do you do that?"

The monkey rolls his eyes. "Am I the only one in this whole jungle who knows how to drive a stick?"

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