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Did you hear about the new Vietnamese cookbook?

It's called "101 ways to wok your dog"

Four men walk into an upmarket bar...

One is Malaysian, one Laotian, one Burmese and the other Vietnamese. As they walk in, the doorman stops them and says, "sorry gentlemen, I can't let you in without a Thai."

So I was at a book store the other day and I saw a Vietnamese cookbook...

It was called "How to Wok Your Dog".

Vietnamese joke, So I was at a book store the other day and I saw a Vietnamese cookbook...

What do you call a vietnamese turkey?

Gobbledy gook.

Why's it a good idea to have a threesome with 2 Vietnamese girls?

It's usually a Nguyen/Nguyen.

What do you call it when two Vietnamese people meet?

A Nguyen-Nguyen situation

What's a good source of Vietnamese renewable energy?

A Nguyen mill.

Vietnamese joke, What's a good source of Vietnamese renewable energy?

What do you call a Vietnamese wedding?

A Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

What do Vietnamese historians and Southern rednecks have in common?

They both care way too much about the Đức Dynasty.

What did the Vietnamese sandwich salesman say to the unhappy mod?

BÑnh mì

What do you get for opening the BEST Vietnamese soup joint in London?

A great big pho queue.

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This Vietnamese couple I knew got married...

Luckily for them they shared the same last name so it wasn't a big hassle for either of them. It was a Nguyα»…n-Nguyα»…n situation.

My Vietnamese friends just got married, but by coincidence share the same last name so there was no hassle...

It was a Nguyα»…n-Nguyα»…n situation.

My Vietnamese friends just got married. They have the same common last name, so neither of them needed to change anything.

You could say it's a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

I am going to start a website to review Vietnamese restaurants.

It's going to be called Friend or Pho.

Edited from my mistake earlier today: what do paedophiles and napalm have in common?

They can both strip a Vietnamese orphan in under 30 seconds.

Vietnamese joke, Edited from my mistake earlier today: what do paedophiles and napalm have in common?

Why do most Vietnamese people seem like male prostitutes?

Because they pay for everything with their Dongs

What do pedophile sex-tourists and napalm have in common?

They can both strip a Vietnamese orphan in under a minute.

What do you say when somebody cuts in front of you in line for Vietnamese noodles?

Hey, pho queue, dude

How do you make a Vietnamese girl pregnant and rich at the same time?

Give her the dong.

My Vietnamese roommate is moving to Vegas (giving me a place to crash in Vegas), and leaving behind a full bedroom set for free...

This is a real Nguyen-Nguyen situation for me.

I was waiting in line for soup at my favorite Vietnamese food truck...

When this guy pushes in front to place his order.

I'm like, "Dude, pho queue."

Did you hear about the new Vietnamese noodle / southern BBQ fusion restaurant?

It's called Pho-Q

A Vietnamese couple were going to have a baby.

The father was really hoping for a boy, while the mother wanted a girl.

As luck would have it, they ended up having twins -- one boy and one girl.

It was a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

Don't eat royal sausage in Vietnamese noodle soup

Trust me, it's the Pho King Wurst

A Filipino, a Korean, a Laotian, a Chinese, a Japanese and a Vietnamese go to a fancy restaurant. "Sorry" says the Maitre d' ...

"You can't be seated without a Thai."

A Vietnamese couple met on and it turns out they complement each other perfectly

You might say it's a Nguyen-Nguyen situation

What do you call the greatest royalty of Vietnamese noodle soup?

The best PhoKing you'll ever know

The word is: perpetuate

The question is: How do they charge you at a vietnamese deli?

What Did the Giant Say to His Enemy When He Served Him Ramen at a Vietnamese Restaurant?

Fee Fi Fo Fum, Faux Pho For Foe

What happens when two Vietnamese people help each other out?

You have a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

What is a Vietnamese sandwich maker's favorite pick up line?

Banh mi.

Your mom is like a Vietnamese bank.

She loves dongs.

What do they do when I'm being disruptive at the Vietnamese sandwich shop?

Banh mi.

What do you call the line at a Vietnamese restaurant?

Pho queue

My Vietnamese coworker slipped and fell in a puddle of oil.

I was going to make a racist joke about it but decided against it, because that's a slippery slope.

What do you call a threesome with two Vietnamese chicks?

A Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

What do you call it when two Vietnamese women are fighting over you?

A nguyen-nguyen situation.

My granddad went to Vietnam and singlehandedly fought and injured 30 North Vietnamese.

Next year, we are vacationing somewhere else.

Did you hear about the Vietnamese man who won the lottery and was reunited with his lost dog on the very same day?

It was a Nguyen- Nguyen situation.

If you want some Vietnamese soup but there is a really long line

It's basically a big pho queue

What's the WiFi password at a Vietnamese noodle shop?


A Vietnamese American woman, Christine Nguyen, wanted to preserve her surname.

Christine Nguyen, wanted to keep her surname after marriage, so she resolved to not take on the surname of the man she married, or change her name to a double barrel name that included her family's name.

Luckily, the man she ended up marrying was also Vietnamese American too, who just happened to have the same surname: Nguyen.

It was a win-win situation.

A vietnamese contract killer named Pung burst into a bar and promptly murdered the 10 people inside.

Pung in, ten dead.

I'm Vietnamese and if I got a nickel for every time someone asked me if I do nails...

I wouldn't have to do nails anymore.

Why can't you lose in a threesome with Vietnamese twins?

Because it's a Ngyuen-Ngyuen.

What can be said for Vietnamese soilders and takeout food?

They never make it home

A Vietnamese restaurant is offering herbed potato sticks served with a bowl of noodle soup.

Thyme fries when you're having pho.

A new Vietnamese restaurant opened across from another, and the owners have been throwing competitive deals all week.

It was a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

Hey, what was the name of that new vietnamese restaurant?

- Pho King. Good food.

I know, but what was the place called?

I had to wait in line for a bowl of Vietnamese soup

That's it, no joke. Don't like it? Pho queue.

I'm starting a protest against the evil capitalist structure promoted by Vietnamese soup salesmen.

We are Anti-Pho

Onlyfans but it's a bunch of wholesome Vietnamese guys that you can take home to your parents and bring honor to us all.

It's called: OnlyPhans

Some rioters just destroyed a Vietnamese restaurant.

Must've been anti-pho.

I made fake Vietnamese soup.

It was faux pho.

If two Vietnamese get married,

It's usually a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

My friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Vietnamese Soup-making Demonstration

I said, Pho Sho!

Did you hear about the most recent Vietnamese automobile?

It was Nguyen improved.

What do you call the fear of Vietnamese soup noodles?


Was kicked out of a crappy Vietnamese restaurant…

So I don't really care if they banh mi.

My Vietnamese friend killed two birds with one stone

I guess that's a Nguyen-Nguyen situation

While visiting London an American.....

While visiting London an American entered a Vietnamese soup restaurant and proceeded directly to the counter to place an order.Β  A line of customers off to the side began groaning and mumbling.Β  A man at the front pointed to the back of the line and angrily said "Pho Queue!"

So I went to this Vietnamese Resturaunt

...when I saw some patrons stomp out angrily muttering about someone being rude.Β  It smelled so good I was undeterred.Β  There was a soup station where they put it all together in front of you.Β  I asked the host worked and he pointed and said "pho queue over there"

My two Vietnamese friends were fighting but they made up

It's a Nguyen Nguyen situation

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