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Son we need to talk.

Son, we need to talk!

Yes, dad?

Your mother said she saw you watching inappropriate videos online. Those videos are trash, they're garbage and if you keep watching them, you'll go blind!


Yes, son?

I'm over here.

What kind of online videos do fish love to watch?

Hardcore prawn

Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game.

They don't allow rape videos.

Videos joke, Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game.

They say 3 out of 4 people text and drive

Not me; I watch YouTube videos.

Every time I do it, I try my best but I still suck at it. When I was young my parents explained it to me in very simple terms. Over the years, many girls have showed me how to do it. I'm ashamed to say I've tried to learn from online videos.

And yet I still can't fold fitted sheets.

Can someone help me find some videos of Al Gore dancing?

I'm trying to solve a Rubik's cube and a friend told me that using Al Gore Rhythms could help.

Why is Sia not in her music videos?

Because she doesn't want anyone to Sia

Videos joke, Why is Sia not in her music videos?

I'm watching so many cute animals videos

I think I'm developing aww-tism.

You would think that you would be a better pastry chef

With all the creampie videos I watch...

What do you call an edited series of MILF videos?

A Momtage

Why aren't kids under the age of 18 allowed to watch videos about duck calls without the consent of a parent?

Because they contain a lot of fowl language.

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What does a Werewolf YouTuber say at the end of his videos?


I just got fired for looking up clown videos on my lunch break.

My boss didn't buy that "Lisa Ann gets creampied" is a clown video

I hear the Pope is addicted to watching cats videos

Some say he is a Cat o Holic

What to watch on TV tonight

A few days ago, I was watching George Michael videos. A couple of days ago, it was a Star Wars marathon. Tonight? The Apprentice.

People are mad because MTV doesn't show music videos. What about Fox News?

They haven't shown a fox in months.

(Craig Ferguson)

Videos joke, People are mad because MTV doesn't show music videos. What about Fox News?

What's a Terrorists favourite category to watch on YouTube?

Trending. Because all the videos there blow up.

What resolution does a racist shoot his videos in?


I listen to Anti-Piracy videos...

Now, I steal cars AND movies.

My wife and I found some S&M videos on my son's computer...

"What should we do?"

"Well, we can't spank him."

I watch a lot of videos about portable furniture.

I like seeing how they unfold.

I'm really pleased to see a surge of interest in Information Technology.

Some of the most popular videos on YouTube right now are about IT!

Last night my parents found S&M videos on my laptop.

"What should we do?" My mom asked.

"Well we can't spank him!" My Dad replied.

Watching Amy Schumer is a lot like watching surgery.

Watching Amy Schumers Comedy is a lot like watching surgery videos on Youtube.
It's unsettling, it's gross and it doesn't make you laugh once.

I made a good video about steak in a sea of bad videos about steak...

I guess you could say it's a rare example of a medium well done.

My parents have been saving embarrassing videos and stories of me for my entire life, hoping to one day show the person that chooses to marry me.

Jokes on them.

So Germany is going to fine companies that fail to remove hate speech and terrorist related content...

Maybe instead of companies like YouTube manually checking videos, they should just Autobahn.

I saw saw a few nasty surgery .gifs with open-organ operation.

I don't really like surgery videos, but there's nothing I can do, totally clips of the heart.

Recently I've been watching videos of people running sideways in Call of Duty...

They're really D-Pressing!

Why are incest videos so popular on PornHub right now?

Because West Virginia finally got internet access.

What do you call someone who is very fond of cat videos?

A Catholic

I watched so many programming tutorial videos in college

My inner monologue started developing an Indian accent

The CIA found evidence that Osama Bin Laden had downloaded a lot of videos about how to crochet

Turns out he was trying to replace all those lost afghans

I decided to watch some YouTube videos today

Should I sell my car or house first

I like my sex life like I like my Jake Paul videos

A little tease in the beginning and 10 minutes of whole nothing.

I couldn't figure out why my Twitter feed only showed videos of Ex vice presidents dancing.

Turns out it's just the Al gore rhythm

The recent shooting at YouTube was pretty terrible.

I guess the shooter had one too many videos demonitized.

Recent studies show that chimps raised in captivity are more likely to reproduce if they are shown videos of other chimps mating in the wild.

monkey see monkey do monkey, monkey do monkey

Have you seen the videos in which people confuse their pets by disappearing unexpectedly?

I'm sick of that sheet.

What's the difference between Tay Zonday and ASMR videos?

Tay moves away from the mic to breathe in.

Being single means you're a true DIY-er.

They even have websites and videos to help!

What do you call a potato that uploads videos?

A you-tuber.

I was watching videos online but the quality was atrocious.

Then I realised I was on YouTuber.

I'll start watching all my videos at 4k(2160p) from tomorrow.

Its my new year's resolution.

Did you know 'cyka blyat' is Russian for 'watch out'?

That's what I learnt from watching dash cam videos.

Youtube has decided that comments on certain videos are now disabled, which is redundant.

If you read the comments on Youtube, you'll notice that they are already disabled!

PornHub now requires all visitors to watch at least 5 minutes of dwarf MILF content before accessing other videos.

That's the bare mini mum.

A Tik-Tok user who shot videos in the airport was taken to the hospital today..

He was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Facebook keeps suggesting that I watch videos of former American Vice Presidents dancing.

All to do with the Al Gore rhythms, apparently.

Today I posted a video of Muhammad Ali's "Rumble in the Jungle" fight in reverse.

It's the first in a series of unboxing videos.

Next January I will only be watching videos on 1080p

It's my new years resolution

I always get sad when I watch videos of gorillas using sign language to ask for food.

It's a shame there are so many deaf gorillas.

I found an Onlyfans filled with videos of girls slamming their butts together

It's kinda weird, but I think they're just trying to make ends meet

I watch ghost videos whenever i take a poo

They scare the shit out of me

This morning my daughter asked if she could watch titty videos.

Did you know that sometimes little kids make a t sound when they mean to make a k sound?

Anyway I gotta go I'm in a bunch of trouble.

Saw some videos about the fires burning near Athens.

Apparently nobody told the firefighters that you can't use water to put out a Greece fire.

What do chemists like to watch on YouTube?

Reaction videos.

Youtube is introducing a new system of recommending youtube videos

The old system seemed to be biased towards videos of old presidential candidates playing beat and tempo games, so they finally decided to retire the al-gore-rhythm

My brother wanted to get a white noise machine

I told him just to look up Karen videos on YouTube

I had a dream (true story) that I was watching YouTube videos on how to turn large animals into cars.


How many influencers does it take yo change a lightbulb?

One, but it will take 300 videos, over 10 hours and they will stop to comment every eight of a turn.

I don't watch werewolf videos

I just lycansubscribe.

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