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A Veterans Day Joke: If Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House...

They should just rename it Viet Nam and see how fast he leaves.

I wrote this joke

Veterans day Bowe Bergdahl walks into an Applebees in his uniform.

Eats a hearty dinner, and is satisfied with it. Afterwards, the waitress comes over and asks. "Dessert sir?"

Bergdahl replies: "Already did"

Why wouldn't the dog attend the Veterans Day Parade?

There were too many vets.

I can't wait till next years veterans day:

for the ones that didn't get captured....

Why don't skeletons go to the Veterans Day parade?

Because they don't have anybody to go with.

I needed to get my cat dewormed this morning and went down to the animal clinic. They were closed!

These people must've got the wrong idea.

It's Veterans Day, not Veterinarians Day!

Stan Lee

Stan lee was in WW2 a d died on veterans day

Roses are red

Oh, by the way,
I have Alzheimers
Happy Veterans Day

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