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A man goes to a psychiatrist for an evaluation

So the psychiatrist draws a horizontal line and asks him what that reminds him of. "A naked woman" he replies. So he draws a vertical line. "And this?" he asks "A naked woman." Doctor then draws an X and asks the same question. "Two people having sex." comes the answer. "Hmmmmm" goes the doctor. "It seems you have obsession with sex." he speculates.

"Me?" answers the shocked man. "Who drew all this filth?"

I forgot to take my phone to the toilet

There are 1325 vertical and 975 horizontal lines on the tiles.

The Amish Space Program is at a stalemate

Jebediah and the boys just cannot figure out how to get the horses to go vertical.

Vertical joke, The Amish Space Program is at a stalemate

I stole this:

Me: I'm terrified of the vertical axis.
Therapist: why?

I hear all the kids that did the Tide Pod challenge can't get the Corona virus...

Because their social distancing is 6 feet vertical.

In Algreba, why is the vertical line test necessary?

You can't function without it

In response to the TIL about the difference between a crow and raven

Do you know the difference between a crow and a raven? Well, the feathers that are the long vertical feathers on the wings are called pinion feathers. They help the birds fly. A raven has 13 of these feathers and raven only has 12. So I guess you could say that the difference between a crow and a raven is the difference of a pinion. I'll show myself out now.

Vertical joke, In response to the TIL about the difference between a crow and raven

UHD TVs are going to be obsoleted next year by the new standard: DBZ

It has a a vertical resolution that is over 9000.

You have two options

You can either starve to death in this hole, or climb the vertical staircase to get out.

Personally, I would take the ladder

Why can tigers never look fat?

Because vertical stripes make them look thin

Daughter's Dance Class

Apparently, it's not acceptable to ask a mom if her daughter's dance class has horizontal or vertical brass poles.

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After math class, my friend fell off of a vertical cliff...

I yelled Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^!

On a plane, left or right around a vertical axis (often controlled by a rudder) is known as yaw.

But the only axis I'm on when I whip this little sky pony around the golden winds are YEEEEEEET

Did You Hear About the Duquesne Running Back?

His 40 yard dash was only 4:30 but his vertical leap was 16 stories.

I tried a vertical bungee at a carnival the other day...

I wasn't very good at it.

It just felt like something was holding me back.

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