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I'm well versed in Mexico's version of Judo.

Judo know if I got a knife...

Judo know if I got a gun...


Why are gardeners the best pimps?

Because they are well versed in whorticulture


Why did NASA hire so many artists for its interstellar projects?

Because the artists were well versed in deep space


Three men - one blind, one deaf, one dumb - participate in a game show...

The blind man is shown a map with a marker and asked to name the exact place it is pointing to. Being blind though, he is well versed in Braille, so he begins feeling the map with his hands and after a few seconds says "Grenoble, France".

"Correct! 50 points for Mr. Blind", says the host.

The deaf man is played a particular song and asked to identify its singer. Being deaf though, he is a keen observer and lip-reader. He notices one of the people in the audience singing along with the song, reads their lip, and says, "Stand Tall, by Burton Cummings."

"Correct! 50 points for Mr. Deaf", says the host.

Finally, the dumb man is asked to spell "Mississippi". After thinking for a few seconds, he says, "M-R-S. S-I-P-P-Y".


Syria versed the US in a talent show

Syria did okay but the US bombed


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