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I don't understand all the hate for Ajit Pai. He's just doing his job.

If he didn't, Verizon would probably fire him.

What's one thing you dont want to have while putting out a fire?

Verizon Wireless.

Being an aspiring musician is like getting a contract with Verizon.

10 gigs for $80 a month

Verizon joke, Being an aspiring musician is like getting a contract with Verizon.

Verizon made a new minimum security prison and despite what many would believe its very successful.

its got no bars but you still cant get out of it for 2 years

What does Verizon have in common with my teenage daughter?

I go from not hearing from them at all to 5 times a day when they want money.

Verizon claims they wants to make sure first responders can get the call to help people.

That is, if they pay enough.

I rang up Verizon. I said : "I want to report a nuisance caller".

"Not you again" he said

Verizon joke, I rang up Verizon. I said : "I want to report a nuisance caller".

I've been playing this new game on my phone quite a bit lately

It's called Verizon: Zero Bars.

The cute Verizon wireless girl asked if I was married

I said I was on the upgrade anytime plan.

Why did Ajit Pai cross the road?

Because Verizon payroll services was on the opposite side.

What does Verizon wireless and abortion clinics have in common?

They both have early termination fees

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Ajit Pai made inquiries about how a government shutdown could affect him

but Verizon assures him he'll still get paid

I got a hysterectomy at Verizon

Cervix may not be available in your area.

How many Verizon employees does it take to overturn Net Neutrality?

Me: why'd we switch from Verizon to Time Warner?

Mom: Idk. You know your dad, he's charges cable companies like he changes underwear.

Me: so... every few years?

I tried BDSM with my wife.

Handcuffs and all, she's still on hold with Verizon.

Verizon joke, I tried BDSM with my wife.

I hate how unrealistic Verizon ads are.

I've never even seen three non-employees at once in their store before.

Women complain of widespread groping and harassment at Verizon warehouses

​Can you hear me now​​?

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