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56 verb jokes and hilarious verb puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about verb that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Enjoy our collection of witticisms and puns that are sure to challenge your knowledge of verb tenses, phrasal verbs, and verb 2! Laugh out loud at jokes involving nouns, adjectives, and sentences that will have you thinking about the structure and power of words.

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Funniest Verb Short Jokes

Short verb jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The verb humour may include short phrase jokes also.

  1. Today my son told me he wanted to go help blind people after school... The verb, not the adjective.
  2. An English Class Sentence: I live in Czechia.
    "What is the verb in this sentence?"
    "Umm... live?"
    "Great, now how do we say this sentence in past tense?"
    "Umm... I live in Czechoslovakia?"
  3. Subscribe (Verb) - to obtain or have a subscription to a publication, concert series, service, etc. Subscribe (Noun) - a very obedient writer
  4. Teacher: "Nick, what is the past participle of the verb to ring?" Nick: "What do you think it is, Sir?"
    Teacher: "I don't think, I KNOW!"
    Nick: "I don't think I know either, Sir!"
  5. Why is Oedipus bad at Latin? He conjugated where he should have declined.
    >!Latin verbs have conjugations and latin nouns have declinsions.!<
  6. A verb walks up to a noun in a bar -- Hey, babe, wanna go back to my place and conjugate?
    -- I decline
  7. Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They converse. They depart.
  8. You know why the Bible is better than the dictionary? The dictionary has verbs, but the Bible has PROverbs!
  9. Teacher to Student...? Conjugate the verb "to walk" in simple present.
    The student: I walk. You walk ....
    The teacher intruptes him: Quicker please.
    The student: I run. You run ...
  10. All my physical relationships are like past-tense verbs They end with ED.

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Verb One Liners

Which verb one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with verb? I can suggest the ones about noun and verse.

  1. I volunteered to help blind children today! That's a verb not an adjective btw.
  2. I help blind kids Verb, not adjective
  3. In my spare time I help blind children. I mean the verb, not the adjective.
  4. After work, I volunteer to help blind children By the way: Verb, not adjective
  5. I like to help blind children. The verb, not the adjective.
  6. A verb, a preposition, an article, and a noun Walk into a bar
  7. I love helping blind children The verb not the adjective
  8. I help blind people Verb, not adjective
  9. I volunteered to help blind kids from ages 1 to 14 Oh and blind was a verb
  10. I like to help blind people. The verb, not the noun.
  11. I volunteered to help blind kids today. That's a verb not an adjective, by the way.
  12. A subject and verb walk into a bar... They have a disagreement.
    They walks out.
  13. Why are verbs afraid of talking about people? Because they're followed by the subject.
  14. What do you call the perfect verb? Definitive
  15. The verb is my favorite part of a sentence... That's where the action' s at

Verb Tense Jokes

Here is a list of funny verb tense jokes and even better verb tense puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Conjugating verbs is great It's always in-tense

Verb Meaning Jokes

Here is a list of funny verb meaning jokes and even better verb meaning puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Trump is a contronym The verb "to trump" means to be better than
    And the noun "trump" means an awful president
  • What is the French verb that means "To declare war"? *Surrendre*
  • I asked my friend if he'd give me a four letter verb that means "to be aware of" ... but that a**... kept telling me no!
Verb joke, I asked my friend if he'd give me a four letter verb that means "to be aware of"

Verb joke, I asked my friend if he'd give me a four letter verb that means "to be aware of"

Witty Verb Jokes for Laughter-Filled Fun with Friends

What funny jokes about verb you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean words jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make verb pranks.

Be verbs.

The teacher asked the class to stand one by one and compose a simple sentence using appropriate be verbs.
"She is beautiful", said Kate.
"My dogs are fat", shouted Mark.
"I is...", stuttered Joe when the teacher interrupted.
"You always say 'I am'. Never say 'I is'", said she.
As fast as he could, Joe uttered,
"I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

A verb tried to pick up a noun at the club...

He wanted to conjugate, but she had to decline.
Probably all for the best. She was right up against her period.

Q: In latin, when pairing foods with the verb **edo** (I eat), what case should you use?

A: The om-nom-nominative.


Teacher: Can anyone use the word "fascinate" in a sentence?
Billy: I was fascinated by the sunrise.
Teacher: Good, but "fascinated" is past tense. Can anyone else try?
Suzie: It was fascinating to see the flowers grow.
Teacher: Good, Suzie, but you added an "ing" at the end of the word and made it an adjective. I just want to hear the verb "fascinate".
Ernie: Yo mama got a blouse with 12 b**... on it...but she so fat, she can only fascinate!

What are some really s**... jokes?

One I know is this:
Spanish teacher: Kids, what is the ellos/ellas form of the verb sacar?
Students: Sacan?
Spanish teacher: SACAN DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!


Dad: We're going camped tomorrow, and I think we'll go extra deep into the woods.
Son: That sounds really fun, but wouldn't the proper statement be 'we're going camping.'
Dad: Normally, yes, but the verb changes because I'm sure we'll be going past tents.

Is it only me or?

is there any other pronoun used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition?

Rob Gronkowski is a noun

And a verb

What English word can be both a noun and verb at the same time?


One day, in Ancient Rome

A senator was late to the Senate, when Cicero was giving a speech. He got there fifteen minutes after the start.
He slipped into his usual seat and whispered to the senator next to him: "What Cicero is talking about?"
His neighbor said: "I don't know, he hasn't got to the verb yet!"

Alpha Kenny body joke

Say “Alpha Kenny body” ten times slowly !

Can you explain the difference between a noun and a verb?

"h**..." is a noun meaning "something on the back of a camel"... unless that thing is another camel, in which case, it's a verb.
You're welcome.

What's the most verbally abusive mushroom?


Verb joke, I asked my friend if he'd give me a four letter verb that means "to be aware of"

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