Ventriloquism Jokes

What are some Ventriloquism jokes?

The world champion in ventriloquism was murdered yesterday.

His scream was heard a mile away.

I've just seen the most confusing book...

Ventriloquism for Dummies

A couple on the first date.

She: What are your hobbies?
He (gets a stuffed hamster out of his pocket): Taxidermy.
Hamster: And ventriloquism!

Teacher: Does anyone know how ventriloquism works?

Me: Yes.

Teacher: Put your hand up before you speak!

Me: Exactly.

I tried ventriloquism once but everyone thought I was crazy.

Possibly because I forgot to bring my dummy.

I'm a proctologist / gynecologist and my practice is starting to go south as I lose a lot of patients

Mostly because I can only practice my ventriloquism at work...

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